WordCamp Hong Kong 2019

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I was a speaker at WordCamp Hong Kong 2019 and I loved every minute of it and I highly recommend WordCamp for all those interested in WordPress.

What Is WordCamp?

WordCamps are the official “conferences” that are associated with WordPress itself, actually, the company is called Automattic. You can think of WordCamps as being speaker/event franchises for the WordPress community.

They’re excellent opportunities to meet fellow WordPress developers and the community at large and I can’t recommend it enough.

WordCamp 2019 was held in quite a challenging time in Hong Kong; it was right in the middle of the protests, but the turn out was really great.

How Did I Get The Speaking Gig?

The organizer, Ivan So, is a friend of mine here in Hong Kong and I helped him book the venue (I used to work in Growth Marketing for a CoWorking space called “Campfire”).

My talk was ι—œζ–Ό β€œHow to Hack & Defend a WordPress Site”

Benefits Of Speaking At Events

The benefits of speaking at digital marketing events in Hong Kong are numerous but just to outline three totally valid benefits:

  1. You’ll meet your peers in the marketing/tech space
  2. You’ll learn a bunch of great new marketing techniques ;
  3. You increase your (personal) and brand equity

All in all, I can’t speak highly enough of WordCamp Hong Kong and sincerely hope that WordCamp Hong Kong 2020 will take place!

To find other WordCamp events hit this link which takes you back to the WordPress (official) site which lists all upcoming conferences and events.