Website Services in Hong Kong

We offer five distinct WordPress development services.

#1 Performance tuning

A common request we get here at Growth Hackers HK is “can you tweak my existing website?” – typically what’s happened is that a friend of the family or a colleague here in Hong Kong has built the website and then they either disappear or the original developer is unable to maintain the project.

That’s where we come in.

We’re more than happy to take a look for you and tweak your WordPress website. There’s rarely a project (website) that we can’t fix.

#2 Customisation of existing website

We can take the existing WordPress theme that you have and customise it to fit your needs and requirements. We typically make a decision (based upon many factors) as to whether it is worth our time (and your budget) to either fix an existing theme, or, to start fresh. Often it is better to start with a new theme because, as is often the case from our experience, your project or business has changed its’ objectives.

If we do make the decision to “start fresh” then you can remain confident that the design will encompass two things: speed and conversions.

Should the decision be made to start again then that will be dealt with in the next service range that we offer.

#3 New theme or plugin development

WordPress runs on plugins.

Customizing your WordPress install is often dependent on the correct usage of Plugins. We’ve used, and are very familiar with the best WordPress plugins on the market. Whatever your need is the chances are that we have used the plugin.

Should we not have used the plugin then we can create our own to fit whatever purpose you have.

#4 Custom website build

Our fourth service offering here in Hong Kong is to build websites entirely from scratch. We don’t just use WordPress. We can work with a bunch of other CMS’s. Drupal and Laravel are two other CMS’s that we’ve worked with in the past.

#5 Custom website build with e-commerce functionality.

E-commerce is central to our activities. We prefer to work with WooCommerce but we can work with most other systems including Shopify.

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