CE Ventures (CEIIF)​

CE Ventures (or CEIIF) is an early and late-stage venture capital fund.

CreditEase is a leading FinTech company in China, specializing in inclusive finance and wealth management. With continuous efforts to explore payment, marketplace lending, crowdfunding, robo-advisor, insurance tech, blockchain and other frontiers, CreditEase actively engages with global FinTech innovation through business incubation and investment. Better tech, better finance, better world.

We aim to provide superior returns to our investors through exposure to a portfolio of early and late stage technology companies, uniquely enhanced by accelerating China-region sales, strategic partnerships and production efficiency. We invest in a mix of ordinary and preferred equity together with other hybrid instruments.

This Hong-Kong based VC appers to be open.

Hong Kong Based Venture Capital/Investment Firm
Address : Level 10, Chater House, Central,
Hong Kong, Hong Kong/ China, SAR