The Official 2022 Hong Kong VC List

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In this resource, I list dozens of VC’s in Hong Kong that might be able to help you get funding. If you’re looking for a Hong Kong VC List then this is the one you need.

What Is This Resource?

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Is It Still Possible To Get Funding In 2021?

Despite all the horrendous turmoil that’s been going on since COVID hit us, VC firms are still funding startups.

As market chaos mounts and coronavirus uncertainty continue to persist in late March 2020 2021 (when this post was first published) Hong Kong private markets are feeling the pressure.

Private equity and venture capital are equipped to weather such storms (within reason) but it won’t be a smooth ride for them, not least in Hong Kong, a city that has really had a difficult time since June of 2019.

It’s a mix bag understanding how Coronavirus will impact PE and VC fundraising and deal sourcing but what we do know is this: a clever investor will always back the jockey over the horse and if you’re idea and execution is solid then sure, you can still get funding.

How Are The VC’s Organized?

I’ve organized the categories as follows, so hit the category that best suits your industry and let us know how you get on:

Hong Kong Angel Investment Firms

I’ve identified the following organizations that say they offer Angel Investment to Hong Kong startups.

VC NameDescription
BnkToTheFuture‚ÄčBnkToTheFuture is an online platform that facilitates investments in FinTech, blockchain, and bitcoin companies.
CE Ventures (CEIIF)‚ÄčCE Ventures (or CEIIF) is an early and late-stage venture capital fund
Falcon Partners VC‚ÄčPre-seed / Seed stage venture capital firm investing early in founders building category-defining companies in the Greater Bay Area of China
Shining CapitalShining Capital is an investment management company that manages charitable assets

Artificial Intelligence VC’s in Hong Kong

I’m not finding that many Hong Kong-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) VC’s but that doesn’t mean that there are no more. If you know if any missing ones please let me know.

VC NameDescription
CoCoon Ignite Ventures‚Äč‚ÄčAn early-stage fund that invests in entrepreneurs who have a vision of the new economy and can create value from decentralized networks

Asset Management VC’s in Hong Kong

Needless for to say, but Hong Kong has been a global financial hub for decades, and whilst some naysayers will say that the old dog has no more fight in, I disagree!

There’s life yet in the Hong Kong financial sector.

If you’re a startup involved with any form of crypto, currency, or finance then you might find these VC’s of interest.

VC NameDescription
SUNeVision VenturesSUNeVision harnesses the strengths of Sun Hung Kai Properties’ principal technology assets including iAdvantage, Super e-Technology.
Bravia Capital‚ÄčBravia Capital is a global investment firm
Greenwoods Asset ManagementGreenwoods Asset Management is an investment management company specializing in managing funds investing into mainland China companies.
Max Giant Capital Max Giant Capital is an asset management company that focuses on investment opportunities in China and Asia
Development Principles FundThe Development Principles Group (DPG or the Group) provides fund management and investment advisory services (licensed and regulated by the FCC.
Asia Pacific CapitalAsia Pacific Capital is an asset management company established in 1992. APC formed a 50-50 joint venture with General Electric (GE)

Banking Assistance (for VC’s)

Much the same as the above category but the following seem to specialize within the Hong Kong banking scene.

VC NameDescription
iVentures Asia Ltd‚ÄčiVentures Asia is a Hong Kong-based venture capital fund offering end-to-end support to their portfolio companies since 2013.
CITIC Capital HoldingsCITIC Capital Holdings is an alternative investment management and advisory company headquartered in China.

VC’s Specializing in Big Data in Hong Kong

Big Data rages on and, of course, it will never cease to grow and expand. The insatiable appetite for data continues unabated and there’s a plethora of startups and SME’s (as well as large organizations of course) that are wholly reliant on the availability of large data-sets.

So, if data is your thing, and the processing and dissemination of it, and you need funding, then these VC’s may be able to help.

VC NameDescription
Click Ventures‚ÄčEarly-stage global VC investing in highly scalable technology start-ups.
Arbor Ventures‚ÄčArbor Ventures also invest in eCommerce and are one of the biggest players in the my 2022 list.
CIRTech FundCIRTech is a venture capital fund that focuses on investing in technology leaders and innovators.
TripLabs LimitedTriplabs Limited is a Hong Kong-based venture capital firm, investing and scaling tech startups specifically related to the travel

Biotechnology VC’s in Hong Kong

I’m only able to find one Biotech VC in Hong Kong, but that absolutely doesn’t mean it’s the only show in town.

If you know of any others please do let me know.

VC NameDescription
Essex Bio-TechnologyEssex Bio Group is an investor and manufacturer of biopharmaceutical products.

Blockchain VC’s in Hong Kong

Blockchain is here to stay and it fuels literally the innovation and growth (as well as a lot of disruption) to literally every sector and industry.

I’ve only found three VC’s that have VC blockchain experience.

VC NameDescription
Sora Ventures‚Äč Sora Ventures is Asia’s first crypto-backed venture capital firm dedicated to blockchain and digital currency investments.
Fitness Ventures‚ÄčFitness Ventures is a global venture capital firm, funded by and partnered with the leading brands in the fitness.

* Also worth mentioning that as their name implies, yes, they do offer financing in the Fitness Space.
Click VenturesEarly-stage global VC investing in highly scalable technology start ups.

Business Development Assistance (VC-Related)

If you’re just seeking business development funding or similar then these three organizations may be able to help.

VC NameDescription
Hong Kong IT GroupHKIT Group is a early stage venture fund focused on innovative and transformative startups with global ambitions
VPG AsiaVPG Asia is a syndicate investing and serving as a strategic JV partner for companies seeking to establish a presence in Asia.
Vectr Ventures‚ÄčVectr Ventures is a venture studio based in Hong Kong

Clean Tech Investment in Hong Kong

I’m only finding this one solitary green/ clean-tech investment house in Hong Kong which I am surprised about, and again, I’m sure that others do exist.

VC NameDescription
Inter-Asia Venture Management‚ÄčInter-Asia is a private equity firm that invests in businesses in Hong Kong, China, India, Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Cloud Infrastructure Investment (VC) in Hong Kong

Currently, as of 2022, I am only able to find one Cloud Infrastructure VC-type of organization.

VC NameDescription
CIRTech FundCIRTech is a venture capital fund that focuses on investing in technology leaders and innovators.

These guys also invest in Big Data, see above.

Consumer (B2C) VC’s in Hong Kong

B2B, B2C – possibly two of the oldest terms that have been floating about for decades now.

In any event, if you consider your startup to be a “consumer-based” company then this (currently only one!) VC may be able to help.

VC NameDescription
Orchid Asia Group Management Orchid Asia Group Management is a Japanese investment group backing experiences executives in building franchises in Asia.

Cryptocurrency Investment Firms in Hong Kong

I’ve only found one pure-play Cryptocurrency VC in Hong Kong in 2022.

If Crypto is your thing, then reach to these guys and gals.

VC NameDescription
Sora Ventures‚ÄčSora Ventures is Asia’s first crypto-backed venture capital firm dedicated to blockchain and digital currency investments.

Digital Media VC’s

If you categorize your business as being within “Digital Media” then this organization might come in handy. Reach out and see!

VC NameDescription
StarCom Group‚ÄčStarCom Group‚Äč is a private equity group focused on investments in the consumer sector and high-tech companies.

E-Commerce VC’s in 2022, Hong Kong

Needless to say, but eCommerce powers the world we live in.

ECommerce, or “eCom” if you wanna be all cool, is growing in Hong Kong, and in my opinion for these two obvious but important to state reasons:

  • Coronavirus;
  • The Hong Kong Protests of 2019 – 2020

Both of these drove the increase in deliveries, there’s no doubt.

If you’re involved within the eCommerce ecosystem and you’re looking for some VC lovin’ then these guys and gals can likely throw some investment loot at you.

VC NameDescription
Click Ventures Early stage global VC investing in highly scalable technology start ups.
Arbor Ventures‚Äč Arbor Ventures is a visionary VC focused on shaping the way the world transacts by investing in early stage companies.
Asia Pacific Capital ‚ÄčAsia Pacific Capital is an asset management company established in 1992. APC formed a 50-50 joint venture with General Electric (GE) in
StarCom Group‚Äčprivate equity group focused on investments in the consumer sector and high-tech companies.

Fashion VC’s in Hong Kong

I’ve only found one player in Hong Kong who specializes in being a “Fashion VC”.

VC NameDescription
Shining Capital‚Äč Shining Capital is an investment management company that manages charitable assets.

Finance VC’s and Institutions in Hong Kong

OK, so Hong Kong as stated remains to be a global financial power-house. How long that continues is up for debate but in any event, it should be around for a few more decades.

Anyway, enough of my unqualified gibbering with the state of Hong Kong’s financial health here’s a list of “Finance VC’s” or better said, organizations that might be interested in investing if your finance (“fintech”) startup.

VC NameDescription
Adamas Finance AsiaAdamas Finance Asia focuses on funding growth capital to small and medium enterprises (‚ÄúSMEs‚ÄĚ) throughout Asia.
China-ASEAN Cooperation Fund‚ÄčCAF is a USD-denominated offshore quasi-sovereign equity fund.
Midana Capital‚ÄčMCI is a seed-to-exit venture capital group, investing globally in great teams of people creating revolutionary companies.
Nest‚ÄčNest operates corporate accelerator programmes, invests in startups and runs a global entrepreneurial community called MettńĀ.
Ironfire Ventures‚ÄčIronfire Ventures is a cross-border fund investing in startups from seed to series B
Intrepid VenturesBlockchain Startups, Enterprise Solutions, and DevStudio for Fintech, Insurtech & Regtech
Genesis CapitalGenesis Capital A Hong Kong-based investment firm is a growth capital fund exclusively focused on growth stage Internet companies.
Saltagen Ventures‚ÄčSaltagen Ventures is an early-stage technology investor.
Makers FundMakers Fund is a venture capital firm that specializes in the global interactive entertainment industry.
LionRock Capital (Hong Kong)LionRock Capital, an investment company, provides strategic, financial, and corporate governance support to growth-stage startups in China.
Ally Bridge GroupAlly Bridge Group is a private equity firm specializing in alternative asset classes such as venture capital
Horizons Ventures‚ÄčHorizons Ventures Limited, based in Hong Kong, funds especially disruptive and technology-focused start-ups.
SQ Capital GroupSQ Capital Group is a financial group engaged in fundraising advisory and venture investment for technology startups in Asia.
Epsilon Venture Partners‚ÄčEpsilon Venture Partners Funding innovation and entrepreneurship across Asia.
Authosis VenturesAuthosis Ventures is a venture capital firm that has investments in Silicon Valley and China.
TechGrind‚ÄčTechGrind is the largest organization of startups, Southeast Asia. Building Asia’s tech giants together. Incubator, Angel, VC Fund. (I think these guys are based in Thailand).
Jynwel Capital‚Äč Jynwel Capital is an international private equity investment and advisory firm.

Hardware Funding in Hong Kong

Only one VC pops up here.

VC NameDescription
Q Venture Partners Q Venture Partners is an early-stage VC, focussed on connected hardware (Health, Consumer, Home/Vehicle, Industry 4.0 & Enabling Tech).

Hospitality, Tourism & Travel

These guys are niche which is a great thing for a VC. If this sector fits with your startup, then hit them up.

VC NameDescription
TripLabs LimitedTriplabs Limited is a Hong Kong based venture capital firm, investing and scaling tech startups specifically related to the

Insurance VC’s in Hong Kong

If insurance is your game, then this outfit might help.

VC NameDescription
Tokio Marine Investment Services‚Äč Tokio Marine Investment Services is an Insurance company.

Moving Into The Miscellaneous

And, for everything else, here’s a mega list of all the other VC’s in Hong Kong that can likely help you in 2022.

VC NameDescription
Swastika‚ÄčYeah, bit of a weird name, but anyways – these guys do invest in startups. And – yes, I know – the Swastika has a peaceful past.
Piermont VenturesPiermont Ventures focuses on enabling exceptional entrepreneurs to establish highly successful businesses within the technology space.
FUEL Capital PartnersFUEL Capital Partners is an independent investment firm specializing in private equity.
Titans FundFocuses on investment and research in the following areas: artificial intelligence, algorithmic economy, big data…
Widus Partners‚ÄčWidus Partners is a Hong Kong-based private equity firm.
Carlton Holdings‚ÄčCarlton Holdings is a company that aims to focus on commercial properties to build sustainable relationships with retailers.
Telligent Capital Management‚ÄčTelligent Capital Management invest in the greater china region for global investors.
Arch Capital Management‚Äč Arch Capital Management Co., Ltd is a real estate investment firm.
TR Capital‚Äč TR Capital is an Asian private equity company focused on mid-market secondary investments.
Authosis Capital‚ÄčBlue Pool Capital is a Hong Kong based alternative asset manager licensed by the Hong Kong.
Sumitomo Corporation Equity Asia‚ÄčEstablished in Hong Kong in 2002, SCEA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation (Sumitomo).
E15 VC‚Äč E15 VC is a stage and geographically agnostic venture capital firm
SIG Ventures‚ÄčSIG Investments is a venture capital company that finances high-technology companies and consults on profitable acquisitions.
Tiantang VenturesWe team up with digital technology ventures, offering them a bridge between Asia & Europe.
Clearwater Capital Partners LLCClearwater Capital Partners LLC provides investors with access to a full spectrum of special-situation investments.
Deep Knowledge Ventures‚ÄčDeep Knowledge Ventures is a Hong Kong based venture capital fund management company.
Education MatrixHong Kong Fund is a venture capital firm that invests in businesses that build educational programs.
PacVen Walden VenturesPacVen Walden Ventures is a fund family of Walden International. The fund seeks to invest 40 percent of its capital in Greater China
Radiant Venture Capital‚ÄčRadiant focuses on investing in and supporting top-tier start-up and early-stage technology or technology enabled companies.
Bigfoot VenturesBigfoot Ventures is a wholly-owned international investment subsidiary of the Bigfoot Group of Companies.
Pamfleet GroupPamfleet Group is an experienced real estate investment advisor, with offices in Hong Kong and Singapore
HBCC Investment Go-to-China strategic early stage investment fund.
ClubdeAngelClubdeAngel is a group of high-net worth investors.
Strategic Year Holding‚ÄčsStrategic Year Holdings Limited is a privately held investment company focusing on real estate globally.
China Renaissance Capital Investment China Renaissance Capital Investment, founded in June 2005, is a leading alternative investment management firm that focuses oninvestment.
Vega PropertiesPrivate Hong Kong property investment company
Yuan Capital‚ÄčYuan Capital invests in worldwide technology, healthcare, and finance companies, and is a Chinese private equity firm.
AO Capital PartnersAO Capital Partners is an investment banking firm specialized in early stage venture investments.
Omaha Capital China‚ÄčOmaha Capital China is a venture capital firm specializing in growth capital investments. The firm prefers to invest in healthcare, new
Entropy Ventures‚Äč Entropy Ventures is an independent investment house that specializes in the clean energy sector.‚Äč is an investment platform that connects potential investors with ideas and provides a powerful network of industry professionals.
Softbank China & India Holdings‚Äč Softbank China & India Holdings is a venture capital firm.
MagniPro VenturesMagniPro Ventures is an investment company that finances consumer services, IT, education, and healthcare companies.
Ymer Venture Capital AsiaYmer’s strategy is to partner with early stage start-ups in building companies that have the potential to become industry leaders.
Mind FundMind Fund is a venture capital company that was established to provide hands on support and investment to entrepreneurs and innovators at
Virtus Inspire VenturesVirtus Inspire Ventures is a boutique venture capital fund that offers seed, venture, and growth stage funding.
CV Ventures‚ÄčCV Ventures invests in life science and fintech ventures in Asia and the US.
Mingly Capital Corporation‚ÄčMingly Capital Corporation is a company that specializes in financial services.
Mandra Capital‚Äč Mandra Capital is an investment holding company that provides seed, early, and later stage venture and private equity investments.
Senrigan Capital‚Äč Senrigan Capital Group, a Hong Kong-based hedge-fund manager backed by Blackstone Group LP.
Swiss Investors CorporationSwiss Investors Corporation is a company that provides metal trading services.
Dragon Ventures‚ÄčDragon Ventures provides fund procurement through private equity investment, management support and business development.
China Merchants Technology GroupChina Merchants Technology Holdings Company Limited (100%), one of China√Ę‚ā¨‚ĄĘs earliest and most successful venture capitalists, is

In Summary

There you have it!

The mega list of VC’s in Hong Kong in 2022!

I hope you find it useful, and good luck with your project.