Position #1 Google for “Hong Kong SEO”

Thank you for taking the time to look at my website.

In Hong Kong, I work as an InHouse SEO Specialist and mostly blog about Growth Hacking and SEO Services.

One of the goals of this site was to see if I could get to position #1 on Google (the “SERPs” – Search Engine Results Page) for the keyword: Hong Kong SEO.

And – I was able to do it!

Of course, everybody’s experience of what they see in the SERPs depends on many things such as:

  • Cookies
  • Preferences
  • Location

So, to 100% validate that I was, as of the end of September 2021 position #1 on Google I verified it using a 100% fresh install of Google Chrome (all cookies removed along with all settings) and also SERPRobot which is a great tool that shows the results of a Google query from any localized Google Page.


Google SERPs (29th September 2021)

As you can see I was position #1 after the ads and before the Google Maps and all the other PPC assets.

SERPRobot (29th September 2021)

As you can see I was position #1 as per SERPRobot.

Vanity Exercise?

Basically yes…

I am a full-time SEO specialist in Hong Kong so I’ve always been interested to see if I can get this site to rank position #1 because it obviously acts like a “calling card”.

Does it result in conversions?

You might find this a little bit odd but I’d say that no, the keywords “Hong Kong SEO” is not one that will result in getting clients. The traffic I receive as a result of being at the top position for the Hong Kong specific “SEO” term equates to between 30 – 50 hits a day.

That isn’t really that impressive in some ways; considering that Hong Kong has a population of nearly 8 million people.

However, quality is always better than quantity so it could be said that those numbers are actually pretty decent.

A more interesting keyword group or cohort would be a wider-reach for “marketing” in general. Remembering that marketing is a lot more than just SEO, it involves many other aspects. My personal specialty is combining SEO with Growth Marketing or Growth Hacking.

Currently I am not taking on new clients so yes, this was somewhat of a vanity project but one that I am proud to have achieved as an SEO specialist because I beat major SEO and Digital Marketing Agencies like:

And indeed all the other 150 or so Hong Kong SEO digital marketing agencies.

All of these agencies have staff, offices, budget, etc., whilst this site is just me and an Internet connection.

In Summary

Have faith in your SEO.

Remember that SEO and organic listings is all about consistency and offering something of greater value that the other competition are not.

Will my Google rankings change for this keyword? Yes, absolutely. There can be movement on a daily basis for competitive keywords.

In the future I’d like to see if I can also rank for broader (and possibly more lucrative keywords) terms like “Digital Marketing Agency Hong Kong” or “Digital Marketing Expert Hong Kong” or variations like that that really have a wider intent than a niche era of marketing; that is SEO.

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