Cold (Outreach) Lead Generation. Three Basic Errors.

Let’s get to straight to the point: no one likes being sold to. Period.

The one thing that we all need, regardless of the business we’re in, are leads.

Leads, and revenue, are the lifeblood of any business. Without revenue, which stems from lead generation, the business will come to a grinding halt. When it comes to Lead Generation (or “LeadGen” as it is commonly known, there are some basic errors that many marketers make.

Error 1: No One Buys From Someone They Don’t Know

Trust is everything.

The worst thing you can do is to start immediately selling to a cold prospect.

The chances of a cold-email immediately or instantly converting to a paying regular client or customer is practically zero percent. It simply won’t happen. Every “lead” typically starts life in a nurturing stage in which the seller gently convinces the customer of the value and needs of the services to which you are selling.

It amazes me how many cold-calls exist in Hong Kong. I’ve never really used any growth hacking methodologies for cold-calling but I can imagine that the conversion rate is pretty low.

The key is to nurture and own the conversation and offer clear and achievable solutions to your potential clients. Get to know your target customer(s) and understand their wants and needs. To start a conversation you should react to something that they have recently done or said: that is the best way to start a conversation.

In summary, the point I am making here is that it is doubtful that anyone will buy from you if they don’t know you.

Error 2: Reaching Out By Wrongly-Executed Automation

We’re experts at Digital Marketing automation here at Growth Hackers Hong Kong. We run multiple proxies scraping and reaching out to hundreds of potential customers on behalf of our clients each and every day – however – there is a fine line between good (and effective) automation and terrible (time-wasting) automation.

The initial stage of any cold outreach starts with the raw data and of course this phase absolutely requires scraping and aspects of data-automation. However, the actual outreach itself (which can also be automated) must be absolutely pertinent and personalized.

In summary, this “error 2” for Lead Generation is all about getting your automation muddled-up.

Error 3: Sending Outreach To People That Simply Don’t Care

It’s not personal but the vast majority of email or whichever channel you use for your cold outreach will be lost in the relentless stream of noise we are exposed to every day.

Let’s take cold email as an example. To inbox into your target email account is by itself a big result. Getting them to read your email and take an action are the next logical dream steps. However, achieving all of this is wholly dependent on the target actually having the problem to which you can claim to solve.

In Summary

It’s difficult.

We’ve mastered the art and science of Lead Generation in Hong Kong so if you’re looking for experts to generate you business, whether you’re an SME, corporate of a startup, get in contact, I’m sure that we can help you out.

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