The Power of Elementor

Gimme The 2 Second Version

Elementor, the WordPress plugin is pretty awesome if you want a quick solid web design.


Elementor is horrible. Avoid it at all costs. It’s extremely heavy on code and will slow down your site. There are better solutions, like for example Gutenberg Blocks and using a theme like GeneratePress.

First Thoughts

I’ve been building websites for too long to remember.

I’ve learned the hard way and spent countless hours learning HTML5, CSS3, PHP, and every conceivable CMS you can dare to think, and I’ve loved it.

I love learning new technologies and there is something very satisfying about building something yourself, however, these days I really find myself time poor and efficiency, like everything else, has now become central to my life, and that’s why I am warming to using Elementor.

It’s All About Speed!

Here’s the awesome news about Elementor: unlike other design plugins (and indeed all other WordPress Plugins that load reams of Javascript and CSS on every single page), Elementor seeks functions that it uses and then loads the code. So, in summary, if you do not use Elementor on a page, then the Plugin will not load – which is very good news and welcomed with open arms.

I checked and verified the above by contacting the developers and indeed it is correct.

Elementor 2.0

I’ve been using Elementor 2.0 (professional version) in my day job and it’s awesome: I’d highly recommend it.

For my day job, I’m in charge of our web presence (which really means our “traditional website assets”); a job which I take very seriously and I’ve really enjoyed searching for the best possible solution to all our needs, which were:

  • Find solid, secure and reliable hosting for WordPress which also have excellent support;
  • Find a front-end ‘WordPress Page Builder’ so that the entire team can edit it;
  • Find solid SEO/ SEM Plugins and tools to get the website and content ranking.

So, with that being said, I’m really glad that we settled on Elementor 2.0 because it really seems to have done the job solidly, especially Version 2.1.

I’ve also used Thrive Architect, which is very similar, and I’ll write a post on that soon.

Here’s the two-second version of what I like about using Elementor for Hong Kong’s fastest startup:

  • it works;
  • it looks awesome;
  • it ‘seems’ to load fast – although the jury is out on that one….(more to follow on that!)

Here’s Why I Like Elementor

They’ve done all the hard work regarding page ‘sections’ – and by ‘sections’ I mean ‘testimonials’, ‘about us’, ‘faq’, ‘contact pages’ etc – from hundreds of mega websites like Nike, Netflix, Uber, Airbnb, and others. These mega-companies, well past Series C Funding, have spent thousands of dollars on split-testing page designs, so why bother re-inventing the wheel when you can take ‘off the shelf’ page sections that have instant appeal proven design?

In summary, if you want a ‘quick-fix’ with page design and launching effective pages then I’d certainly recommend Elementor.

Also, just off the bat, another thing I like about Elementor 2.0 is that they’ve addressed nagging issues (not really bugs as such) including the relatively common occurrence of selecting the wrong element within a section. ‘Right-click’ has become your friend in the latest version of Elementor.

It’s easy to learn and use. I’ve been able to get help from colleagues at work that has limited experience with web development and they’ve jumped into the deep end with this page builder.

It’s VERY Simple To Get Going

With the latest update, Elementor has become a lot easier to use; you can consider it intuitive.

Also, when you combine Elementor with Ocean WP then you’ve got a winning combination.

Mix It Up, That’s My Advice

There’s no need to always use Elementor or Elementor Pro, I’d even suggest just using vanilla stock OceanWP when publishing simple blog posts for two reasons:

  1. Just focus on getting content out there, especially for SEO purposes;
  2. Then, once you’re 100% happy with your content then by all means firm up your design.

Of course, this is entirely your choice of using Elementor.

In Summary

Go for it.

Elementor is an awesome tool to build some pixel-rich high converting pages.

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