StyleScan Virtual Dressing Room

What Is StyleScan?

We’re always on the lookout for interesting eCommerce services and SaaS solutions, and StyleScan came to our interest. Stylescan is a platform that provides e-commerce fashion businesses with a virtual fitting room.

The platform makes use of AI in order to understand the body measurements and shape of an individual.

AI and eCommerce

In eCommerce, AI plays is playing an increasing role in providing improved customer experiences and new solutions. Some of the most notable applications of AI in eCommerce include product suggestions, tailored shopping experiences, virtual assistants, chatbots, and voice search. And this is where StyleScan helps out.

We offer dozens of SEO services in Hong Kong, and we’ve certainly noticed a strong uptick in AI SEO; especially with the advent of ChatGPT. Technology like StyleScan is following this trend.

Using augmented reality technology, StyleScan gives users the ability to virtually try on clothing items on models who have bodies that are similar to their own.

The company has successfully completed a $3 million funding round (according to Pitchbook).

What Does The Future Hold For StyleScan?

The Virtual Dressing Room is a growing trend within eCommerce. Indeed, we are seeing that between 50%-80% of customers who buy clothing online report that they send the item back because it does not fit properly or is the wrong size.

Farfetch, Asos, Yoox, and Shopify are all utilizing technology to ensure that online buyers buy garments that fit the first time they try them on. According to one insider, the most difficult task is educating consumers and convincing them to use new size options. And the technology that simulates dressing rooms is starting to emerge as a potential solution to this issue.

Bracketing and eCommerce

While buying the wrong size is a typical error – uniform sizing is a recurrent issue in women’s clothes – it can also be done on purpose.

This is commonly known as a behavior known as “bracketing,” which occurs when a buyer orders numerous sizes of the same item with the purpose of returning the ones that don’t fit, which is usually the majority of them.

According to the survey (same SCMP link as above), over 56% of shoppers worldwide engage in bracketing, which incurs additional expenditures for retailers ranging from shipping and handling to cleaning, repacking, and storing. Longer return cycles, which might take up to 52 days depending on the company’s return policy, can also have a negative impact on the company’s bottom line.

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