State of Growth Hacking in 2020

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Growth hacking in Hong Kong is alive and kicking in 2020!

We’ve had a triple whammy of issues in Hong Kong, let’s address them right now:

  1. (Unresolved) Protests
  2. (Unresolved) Coronavirus
  3. (Ongoing) Recession

These three major challenges have created a ton of anxiety in Hong Kong.

Sure, there’s a ton of concern for business in Hong Kong but let’s just focus squarely on one thing: is there a need for Digital Marketing in 2020?

The answer is 100% yes.

With these challenging times comes challenging budgets.

The worst thing a company can do is cut its’ marketing budget because no sales mean no cash-flow, and as we all know, cash-flow is the life-blood of any business.

How Exactly Is Growth Marketing Going To Help in 2020?

By getting the biggest bang for your Hong Kong Buck.

Growth marketing is all about being resourceful and smart and finding ways to maximize ROI, and that’s why there will be a need for Digital Marketing pro’s in Hong Kong.