How Volatile Are Your Keywords? (SEO Volatility)

When doing SEO you’ve got to remember that many people do NOT see the same search engine results as you.

The statement is not true: “if I rank on position #2 (for example) then the entire Internet will show me at that position”.

Sorry folks, that’s just not true.

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How Google Works

Google, and indeed all search engines, work by testing – and constantly testing.

Search engines work by giving the searcher the exact search query that they are seeking. This is obvious but they need to constantly ensure that their algorithm works.

So – how do they do this? As well as 200 ranking signals, Google will split test search results hundreds of times a day.

Why do they do this?

It’s obvious why – to ensure that they show the best results. For example: imagine that they place a result from page 10 at the top of page 1 for 24 hours and that results end up getting a ton of pogo-stick bounces, then that would confidently confirm to Google that that result should remain on Page 10 because it does a poor job of genuinely answering the searcher’s query.

Remember that Google does this hundreds thousands of times a day!

There is no better way to validate their algorithm than testing it against real users with real data.

The tool that I am referring to that does a good job with this is called SEO Volatility.

Benefits Of Using This SEO Tool

  • Understanding the reasons for changes in rankings.
  • Detecting Cannibalization Problems
  • Recognizing the value of a rating.
  • Identifying the complexity of a keyword
  • Creating and monitoring client agreements.
  • Demonstrating SEO benefits that aren’t necessarily reflected in changes in rank position.
  • Recognize when Google may be considering lowering your ranks.
  • Creating and managing the wording for your title and description.
  • Avoid losing business by stating that they rank X even if they occasionally rank Y.

I use it every day in Hong Kong. I’m a full-time SEO Expert in Hong Kong – and it absolutely helps me for the reasons that I have stated above.

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