Importance of Using “User-Intent” SEO Keywords

I’ve been trying to rank for some choice SEO Hong Kong related keywords for over three years now (since 2019) and I’ve been able to hit SERP position #1 for the search term “Hong Kong SEO”.

It’s All About Search Intent…

Ranking for keywords is all about intent.

I’m happy to share some ultra useful data with you that ranking for Hong Kong SEO will net you on average anywhere between 30 to 50 visits a day.

Someone who types in those keywords is either:

  1. Curious to see who ranks
  2. Curious in seeking SEO Services in Hong Kong

Of course, we’re interested in the second option.

With that being said, I dug around and did some research regarding SEO and Hong Kong related keywords and this is what I discovered:

KeywordsEstimated VolumeIntent
seo services hong kong4,990Commercial Intent
hong kong seo4,400Curious
seo in hong kong3,900Curious
seo service hong kong3,345Commercial Intent
seo company in hong kong3,312Commercial Intent
seo company hong kong2,500Commerical Intent
seo hong kong2,500Curious
seo hk1,800Curious
seo agency hong kong1,540Commercial Intent
hk seo890 Curious
These are the SEO related keywords associated in Hong Kong in Q4 2021

So, it seems that there’s a wide range of expected traffic with certain Hong Kong SEO related keywords.

It’s all about the intent

Ranking on top of Google for “Blockchain” would be an expensive vanity project.

The reasons for this is because the intent is not clear, indeed, it’s likely an old granny or like-minded curious searcher than a serious commerce-driven professional.

A better keyword would be “Blockchain” and “Key Keyword”, and the reason for that should be obvious. In other words, making your keywords slightly more longtail will make them face slightly less competition (in theory!), but the intent will sky-rocket.

In Summary

Do the 80/20 rule with the emphasis being on keyword research.

I simply decided to focus on Hong Kong SEO, but had I instead focused on something like: Digital Marketing Agency in Hong Kong, I likely would be reeling in a lot more traffic than simply focusing on a marketing niche which is Search Engine Optimization.

As an SEO specialist in Hong Kong it was inevitable that I’d end up trying to rank for SEO-related keywords.

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