Reasons Why Hong Kong Is Fantastic For SEO!

I’m biased. I live in Hong Kong and am involved with all aspects of Internet Marketing so, sure, this post is configured to what’s great with Hong Kong – but here are my thoughts!

Why Hong Kong SEO Is A Profession Here To Stay

The population of Hong Kong is 7.5 million. With 25,700 people per square kilometer, Hong Kong is clearly one of the most populated places on earth – and that – is precisely why marketing will continue to thrive in the special administrative region.

Hong Kong is a highly competitive city.

The city climbed four places to grab the title of the world’s third most competitive economy in 2019 with a score of 83.1, a 0.8-point increase since the previous year. This is all according to the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Competitiveness Index.

OK, so with the massive levels of competition comes equal measures of SEO competitiveness in the City. I created a directory of Hong Kong SEO agencies, and to be honest, I was shocked at just how many there are! I counted 152 – yes – 152! That’s a huge amount for a region that only has one major city.

Of course, many of the 152 marketing agencies I listed will come and go, but the demand for local Hong Kong SEO experts will continue to thrive because, well, how many other ways are there to get your message out there?

Hong Kong Still Uses Western Media Channels

Hong Kong is like the UK, the US and most of Europe in the sense that its inhabitants are primarily using:

  • Google
  • Yahoo (perhaps oddly)
  • Facebook

So, what’s my point with that?

Well – the point is that it’s not the same as mainland China. China has a completely different marketing landscape and the channels available are also wholly different. In Hong Kong, we are still reliant on Search Engine Results – and to help achieve rankings we need to look towards local Hong Kong SEO/SEM professionals.

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