Questions To Ask a Digital Marketing Consultant in Hong Kong

It’s the questions you ask that will define success when it comes to finding a solid (and good) Digital Marketing Consultant in Hong Kong.

Digital marketing – which us old-schoolers call “Internet Marketing” – evolves with the speed of a thousand gazelles.

You can’t be an expert in everything digital – but – you can have the depth of knowledge and preferably experience in certain vital components of digital marketing.

Let’s be clear what we mean by a “Digital Marketing Consultant”; it is someone who:

  • Can help strategize marketing campaigns;
  • Measure marketing campaigns and advise on tweaks;
  • Has solid experience and understanding of organic search (SEO);
  • Has equal solid experience of paid search (PPC et al);

So, if you’re reading this then you are probably seeking someone in Hong Kong who has crazy-ass Digital Marketing skills, who can deliver it yesterday and do it for free a great fee.

In all seriousness, let’s suppose that you do have a consultant in mind and they seem legit – how do you know that they are good at what they do?

If it were me, here are the interview questions I’d ask a potential new hire as a full-time or part-time Digital Marketing Consultant.

#1 Show Me The Evidence Bro…

The great thing about Digital Marketing, especially SEO in Hong Kong, is that it sticks like shit on a pig. Every bit of SEO we do, like that naughty word I just used, can remain online in perpetuity either in cache or on a resource like

So, ask to see the labors of their SEO-work and hopefully, you’ll say “wow! that’s cool!”

My point is that you can’t say that you’re a great Hollywood Actor and can’t show one movie to your name. Same thing for SEO, especially in a small town (read: village) like Hong Kong.

#2 What Can You Tell Me About Automation?

There’s no doubt that today it’s all about automation, scraping and scraping some more. Efficiency is key. Growth marketing (“Growth Hacking”) is all about testing out things and automation can make that happen.

For example – you want to reach out to influencers on Instagram – well, how’d you go about that? If the individual can confidently answer that and mention tools that they’ve used then you might have found yourself a keeper.

#3 Show Me Or Tell Me Growth Hacking Examples

This one is a solid way to gauge how creative the Digital Marketing Consultant is. Growth Hacking methods and processes are what fuels Digital Marketing – and in Hong Kong, that’s no different than it is in Helsinki or Luxembourg.

#4 Tell Me About How You’d Organize Content Marketing For Us?

It’s all about content marketing these days.

Create more content than you consume is the digital marketer’s dream.

You will absolutely want your consultant to be able to identify content to be able to rank, convert and create in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Again, the consultant should be able to rattle off tools, tricks and growth hacks to be able to do this and make you bank.

Digital Marketing Consultancy Fees in Hong Kong

What about the costs of paying a consultant?

For a benchmark why not refer to what it would cost to pay a full time marketing digital consultant? By looking at these stats you’ll get an idea of what you should be paying for an hourly or contractual rate.

Here are some references:

Lowest HighestSource
HK$ 48kHK$ 69kGlassdoor
HK$ 38KHK$ 63KPayscale
HK$ 10KHK$ 40KCT Good Jobs

If your prospect can answer three of those four questions then they’re a keeper.

Paying for a freelancer within the digital marketing space varies, tremendously.

Good luck.

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