5 Reasons To Stay Positive For 2021 About Hong Kong

2020 was a crap year. You don’t need me to tell you that. But what you do need to hear is positive vibes and a “can do” attitude, and – here are some good vibes to push out your way.

#1 You’re In Hong Kong

I’m assuming that you’re living in Hong Kong and that’s why you’ve stumbled across my Hong Kong SEO agency?

If not, then welcome all the same.

So, why is Hong Kong a positive place to be?

Because, frankly, compared to other places on earth at the moment, this city is kicking-ass in many ways. Hong Kong has, undeniably, done a good job in keeping COVID out, and whilst the economy is of course hurting, the overall health of the city is in a pretty robust state (all considering of course).

Hong Kong was remains a unique and awesome place.

I’ve heard a ton of people criticize Hong Kong as having “changed forever” but, last time I checked, every city has a story and changes, or perhaps better said: every city evolves.

What remains constant, and what remains positive about Hong Kong, are the people. Hongkongers are positive, resilient, and have a “can-do” attitude so yes, let’s embrace the fact that we’re in a positively-minded city.

#2 Hong Kong Is Pegged To China

Fact: China’s economy shrank by 6.8 per cent in the first quarter of 2020, but was the only major global economy to show positive growth in 2020. Source.

What’s my point here? It’s simple: economically we’re in a good neighbourhood.

What is positive about APAC is positive for Hong Kong, because the truth of the matter is that Hong Kong still have the Intellectual Property, human capital, and infrastructure to help companies thrive in Asia.

#3 Digital Marketing Is Thriving

The two industries (amongst others) that I believe in are:

  • Digital marketing
  • Cybersecurity

Sure, there are a ton of other industries and niches that are doing well but I’m mostly interested in the two listed above.

The demand in the city for growth marketing and local Hong Kong SEO services continues to increase year-on-year.

Globalization and increased localization have made competition intense for every type of business in Hong Kong. Demand for digital marketing and SEO services is growing to cater to this need. I’m seeing enquiries increase by 17% month-on-month.

If you work within Internet Marketing and are physically located in Hong Kong then you’re in a good place.

#4 Hong Kong Is Friggin’ Beautiful!

What other city can you live in which you can be an intensely crowded spot – to a secluded beach – all within 15 minutes of a (cheap) cab ride?

Answer: Hong Kong

With the hikes, beaches and views Hong Kong is a beautiful city, and I haven’t even mentioned the weather.

Trust me, I’ve lived in Scotland for many years (a nation I love) and my gosh, it gets cold and dark in the winter.

#5 “X” Meetings In a Day

I’m lucky in the sense that I’ve lived in many cities: New York, London, Geneva, Tokyo, Miami and now Hong Kong.

I’ve never lived in a city in which you’re able to have so many meetings in a day.

In every other city to have two physical meetings in a day would be a stretch. The reason for that owes itself to travel restrictions and congestion.

Not the case in Hong Kong. The MTR is 100% reliable and fast! It’s easy and totally possible to meet someone in the morning in Kennedy Town, late morning in Sheung Wan, lunch in Central, early afternoon in Taikooshing and then a late afternoon appointment in TST.

Wrapping Up

Folks. I am writing this on the 1st of January 2021 and I feel positive.

COVID will pass.

The one thing humans are good at is surviving, especially Hongkongers.

Let’s be thankful for what we have and hoping that you all have an excellent 2021.

If you need any help with growth hacking, lead generation services in Hong Kong or SEO then be sure to hit me up and let’s chat!

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