SEO Growth Package (Services)

HD$ 8,888 / Month

Minimum Commitment 3 Months

What’s Included?

SEO Services

  1. Blog Posts (x 4)
  2. Link Building (x 4)
  3. Social Media Posts (x 12)
  4. Social Media Account Creation/Experimentation
  5. Keyword Discovery & Implementation
  6. Content & Keyword Clustering
  7. Google My Business Optimisation
  8. Landing Page Design
  9. Landing Page Optimisation (LPO)
  10. CRM Integration & Consultancy
  11. Email Campaign Consultation
  12. Fortnightly Brainstorming Session

SEO Reporting, Analytics & Maintenance

  1. Website Ranking & Keyword Tracking Reporting
  2. Uptime Monitoring (12 Hour Triage Guarantee)
  3. Site Loading Speed
  4. Broken Link Checking
  5. Detailed Search & Performance Analytics
  6. Hacking Prevention & Website Restoration

SEO Services In Detail

Blog Posts (x 4)

Delivered each month (4,000 words)

You need content to rank. Period.

Nothing is more important than publishing consistent content. It sends the correct signals to Google, such as:

  • Your expertise;
  • Your authority;
  • And, your trustworthiness in your niche

Consistency is vital.

We publish 4,000 keyword-rich words every month.

The content we publish follows principles laid out in our unique in-house “Growth Hackers Spinning Wheel” technique that we’d be delighted to explain to you in person.

When you sign-up as our client we brainstorm content with you based upon the hopes, dreams and fears of your target audience.

Like everything else we do, the engagement level of the content we publish is constantly monitored to understand what works best with your community.

Link Building (x 4)

Delivered each month: high-quality backlinks

High-quality inbound links is critical for SEO

Google continues to regard inbound links (i.e. links from another website, to yours) as a positive signal and will rank your website dependent on the frequency of incoming links as well as the “quality” of those links.

Organic growth of inbound links is vital when it comes to ranking your website locally and internationally.

We’ve devised some ingenious methods to get you high-quality, niche-specific links to your website.

Like content, link-building needs to be of high-quality and consistent.

Social Media Posts (x 12)

Delivered each month: actionable social media posts

Staying “Active” and staying “front of mind” is vital

We ensure that you have a minimum of 12 Social Media “pushes” per month.

In 2021, Search Engines are placing emphasis on community signals derived from Social Media.

We ensure that your Social Media channels are vibrant, active, and tell stories about your brand and solutions.

Central to all our Social Media campaigns is that they compliment our On-Page SEO efforts.

In other words, we ensure that the Social Media communication is a reflect of the content that we publish on your website.

Social Media Account Creation/Experimentation

Presented & executed every month via our reporting and brainstorm session

We investigate new channels to find and nurture leads

If you do not have any social media channels launched, then we can create accounts for you.

If you have social media accounts then we’d always encourage you to explore and experiment with new platforms.

We work with all Social Media Channels, including (but not limited to):

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • WhatsApp
  • Telegram

If you’re interested in exploring new channels, or need social media channels built and managed, then we can help.

Keyword Discovery & Implementation

Researched, presented and executed every month

SEO is all about keyword research

Keywords are the DNA of your website and the choices that you make (with our guidance and recommendations) will dictate your competitiveness within your niche.

Deciding on which keywords to target takes great skill; and that’s where we can help.

For example, the biggest error you can make is going after highly-competitive keywords. Instead, we’d always advise on going after long-tail less competitive keywords and keyphrases before tackling the tougher and more competitive keywords.

Every niche is different and we take into account factors such as:

  • Purchase intent keywords
  • Long-tail keywords
  • Semantic keywords
  • Navigational keywords
  • Transactional keywords
  • Informational keywords
  • And other factors such as voice-search

Getting the wrong set of keywords can set you up for disaster.

Having the right set of keywords and matching content can propel your website to high rankings.

Content and Keyword Clustering

Researched and executed every month and woven into the content we push

“Content clusters” are the best way to see impactful SEO results

A genuine SEO expert will manage content via “Content Clustering”.

Content clustering is the backbone of your SEO efforts and has, arguably, the greatest impact on the effectiveness of the way your website will rank.

Google’s RankBrainTM has an in-depth understanding of the topic your potential customers are searching for and looks to return the content that it believes to be the most relevant. Creating clusters of content, or “content clusters” around a specific topic is incredibly effective when implemented correctly.

All the content we publish through our monthly Blog Posting is created to widen the net and send positive signals to Google regarding your content, services and solutions.

Google My Business Optimisation

Implemented, Tweaked & Optimised on a regular basis

A well-managed “GMB” account will generate more leads

With Google Business Listing (also known as “Google My Business”), you can manage your company’s appearance on Google search results.

A well-managed GMB account can have a huge impact on lead generation.

Furthermore, an optimised GMB account also ensures that customers acquire the relevant information about your company when they search for terms related to your products or services.

Research by Google in 2020 showed that 46% of the searches have local intent.

When people perform local intent Google searches, they are typically in an enhanced “buying mood” and this can lead to more sales through a higher conversion rate.

Many businesses in Hong Kong and Singapore have not optimised their Google Business Profiles and this is an opportunity that we want you to benefit from.

Landing Page Design

Split-testing, well-written landing pages with superb conversions

Landing pages are a marketers’ secret tool

A landing page is a fantastic way to drive traffic, improve your SEO efforts and build your brand as a leader within its’ niche.

We build landing pages that lead customers to a specific product, service or offer and encourage them to take action.

Typically actions we elicit through a landing page include:

  • A sale!
  • Trial demo (for a fixed period of time)
  • Contact details so that your sales team can follow-up

The key to effective landing pages rely on two factors:

  1. Design that triggers desire, hopes or fears
  2. Copywriting that forces the user to take an action

We ensure that we deploy both above factors, measure the results, and enhance them.

Landing Page Optimization (LPO)

Tweak, tweak, and tweak some more

We implement A/B/C/D/E – constant – split-tests

Landing page optimization (LPO) refers to the process of improving our landing page design with the intention of increasing conversions.

Landing page optimization belongs to a digital marketing term known as conversion rate optimization, or “CRO”.

Central to this methodology and something we do on your behalf, is to implement A/B testing to improve the conversion goals of the landing pages we created.

Nothing we do is “on a hunch”.

Factual data contains all the answers.

We make consistent changes to landing page designs based on actual data and anecdotal evidence that we obtain through our analytics and reporting services.

CRM Integration & Consultancy

We ensure that all your leads (and data) are easy for you to manage

A well-managed CRM system acts like the brain of your organisation

It is very likely that you are using a CRM system (like HubSpot or SalesForce). We make sure that all the tech we implement merges seamlessly into your CRM.

We have extensive experience working with CRM platforms such as:

  • HubSpot
  • Infusionsoft (Keap)
  • Mautic
  • Zoho
  • SugarCRM
  • Pipedrive

We can work with any CRM – even spreadsheets if you prefer!

Email Campaign Consultation

We have extensive experience with sending out email

For every HKD $10 spent, email marketing can generate HKD $380 in ROI

Email marketing is still, even in 2021, one of the best ways to reach and engage with your audience.

We specialise in two distinct areas:

  • Sending out cold email to prospects
  • Increasing “open rates” and interactions with your existing newsletter subscribers

We’ve sent out over 2 million emails since we first started in 2002.

There are many ways to inbox email and our consultancy will help you understand how to improve your metrics.

Metrics that we advise on include, for example:

  • Inbox “time”
  • IP address warming
  • EDM tools
  • Copywriting
  • And a lot more…

Similar to our landing page optimisation service, we also measure everything we do regarding EDM’s (Email Direct Marketing).

Fortnightly Brainstorm

Understanding your business is paramount to our mutual success

The best ideas often come from the newest people

We’ve worked with dozens of clients.

We have clients that are NASDAQ-listed to Hong Kong and Singaporean startups and small businesses.

All the advice, value and successes we’ve shared with our clients has had the benefit of understanding and getting to know your business.

The best way to understand your business and culture, is by meeting (either in person or over a call) and brainstorming ways to increase sales and awareness to your upcoming campaigns.

SEO Reporting, Analytics & Maintenance

Website Ranking & Keyword Tracking Reporting

Delivered monthly. Mission-critical data is transmitted on the same day

Establishing the movements of our keyword (SEO) efforts is key

Understanding what’s changed over a period of time with regards to your ranking for certain keywords is of vital importance.

Seeing the changes (positive or negative) will allow us to make informed decisions on the content we need to create.

All desired keywords will be tracked as well as the new ones identified in our brainstorming sessions and keyword research.

Uptime Monitoring (12 Hour Triage Guarantee)

Client is notified on the same day

If your website is offline, Google can punish you

If Google visits you and discovers that your website is offline then that can be a terrible signal to give.

You can be forgiven for five minutes but if the website is offline for an extended period of time then the results can be catastrophic for your SEO efforts.

A website that is offline (“error 404”) tells Google that the people in charge of that website care little about the service that they are delivering.

Imagine going to a shop in Central or Wan Chai on a busy Monday morning and seeing that it is closed without explaination. Would you revisit that shop? Would it leave a negative impression? Of course it would. And, the same applies to your website being online 99.99% of the time.

Our service includes ensuring that regular (daily) backups are in place and if the site goes offline we will be alerted.

We will then make sure that you are back online within a (maximum) time-limit of 12 hours. Guaranteed.

Typically, restoring a website takes us only a few hours.

Site Loading Speed

Changes to site-loading speed are reported at the start of every month

A fast-loading website is considered as being an “SEO Best Practice”

Google has clearly indicated that site speed (and as a result, page speed including landing-pages) is one of the signals used by its’ algorithm to rank and index pages.

We monitor this key metric and will recommend changes that should be made.

Typically changes we suggest are:

  • Enable website compression
  • Minify code (CSS, JavaScript, and HTML)
  • Reduce page redirects
  • Remove render-blocking JavaScript
  • Leverage browser caching
  • Improve server response time
  • Use a content distribution network (CDN)
  • Use a good server (preferably located in Hong Kong or Singapore)
  • And, of course, optimize images!

Page speed is also important to user experience, something which we take particular attention with regards to landing page optimisation.

Pages with a longer load time tend to have higher bounce rates and lower average time on page and that is precisely why this vital metric needs to be measured.

Broken Link Checking

Broken links (when discovered) are reported on the day of discovery

Broken links are terrible from a user-experience and Google takes notice!

Along with your site-loading speed, broken links (also known technically as “404 errors”) make for a bad user experience.

Typically, when users click on links and reach a dead page, they will get frustrated and will likely never return.

Furthermore, broken links on your website devalue your SEO efforts primarily because they links restrict the flow of “link equity” throughout your website, which does have a negative impact on your site rankings and indexing.

We check on a weekly basis your broken link status and alert you to what has been broken.

In many instances we will be able to help and fix broken links.

Detailed Search & Performance Analytics

Full reporting delivered at the start of the month

Analytics provides you with insight into the people who visit your website

We use several tools, and not just Google Analytics, when monitoring your website.

There are multiple reasons why you need to implement (and measure) your analytics.

The most important reason is because it will allow us to make calculated and informed decisions that will return an higher-level of ROI.

Time is finite and resources are limited so we need to know where to focus our intentions to generate real results.

Examples of the metrics we share with you include:

  • How visitors found your site with regards to entered keywords
  • How long they spent on the website (important for SEO)
  • The percentage of people that “bounced” – i.e. left, your website
  • The most popular countries your visitors are from
  • And dozens of other useful metrics

The other key benefit our reporting gives you is an appraisal of whether certain goals have been met.

For example, if we set a KPI that we need X number of new leads through a campaign landing page, then we can set a goal that will clearly demonstrate key metrics that will help us make decisions on optimisation.

Receiving our SEO reporting is an excellent tool to share with your senior management when it comes to appraisals and demonstrating growth and progress with your marketing and SEO efforts in Hong Kong or Singapore.

Hacking Prevention & Website Restoration

Immediate reporting with urgent action. Reported on day of discovery

Google can de-index a hacked website. You have been warned!

I am a Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH, EC-Council) and CompTIA Security+ Certified so security is baked into everything we do with regards to SEO and digital marketing.

Remember that in most cases you will not know that you have been hacked!

A hacker, who hacks websites for SEO benefit by placing links on your site, will want to stay undetected for as long as possible.

We have systems and checks to test the security of your website and we can detect whether you have had a security breach by analysing the sites that you are linking to.

If your website is taken offline then we will restore it to exactly the way it was (as long as no changes have been made since the last update).

From an SEO position, a hacked website is possibly the worst thing that can happen to your website.

The reason for this is because your website will be blacklisted and you will be removed, forever, from the search engines.

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Why Work With Us?

20 Years+ of Internet Marketing Experience

Clients Include NASDAQ-Listed Fortune 500, and DOZENS of SME’s, and Startups

Proven SEO, Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking Skills in Hong Kong and Singapore

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Some Of Our Amazing Clients


International Client

What We Do For Them:

We manage a particular sales channels that involves various marketing tactics using a custom-made platform.

Check Point Software

International Client

What We Do For Them:

Marketing services that are all engineered to generate leads and awareness.

Mika & Milo

Hong Kong Client

What We Do For Them:

Mika & Milo is a 4th Generation Scottish textile company with offices in Inner Mongolia and Hong Kong. We manage their international SEO.

InfoSec Conferences

International Client

What We Do For Them:

InfoSec Conferences is the world’s largest Cybersecurity Conference events directory. We created the directory and have positioned the website (and business) and the niche-leader.

IPG Global

Hong Kong

What We Do For Them:

IPG Global is a leading property group in Hong Kong that has specific expertise in real estate sales and lettings in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. We assist with their SEO and site maintenance.

Ramos Group

International Client

What We Do For Them:

This organization creates value through “UpCycling” of shopping malls in the United States and the Middle East. We assist with their SEO and site maintenance.

Bain Marie

Hong Kong Client

What We Do For Them:

We helped create a sophisticated ordering system for the client. The site has been built with optimisation at the heart of all its’ functions.

Complete Limited

International Client

What We Do For Them:

We help Complete Limited with their SEO and website maintenance. Complete Limited is a UK Incorporate Real Estate Group.

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