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We offer TWO Types Of Packages (“Services”)


Growth Marketing (Lead Generation) ServicesDigital Marketing Content SEO Services
From HKD$ 9,888 / monthHDK$ 8,888 / month
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What’s the difference between the two packages?

SEO can be slow. Growth Hacking can be instant.

What if I want both packages?

Sure, no worries, but I’d advise focusing on one before combining our two proven digital marketing packages.

Growth Marketing (Lead Generation) Service

If you need leads and your focus is purely on getting leads and turning them into customers then our growth hacking services then this package will probably be your best solution. We focus squarely on the Hong Kong and Singapore markets.

Step 1

Data Collection

Step 2

Cold Outreach

  • We find you hundreds of leads through our growth-hacking methodologies that we’ve perfected over the years. All we need to know is that profile (persona) of the “lead” that you are interested in contacting.
  • We further refine, validate, and ensure that our cold-prospects are ready for Step 2.
  • We set up proven and highly effective “cold outreach” growth hacks that will get the lead to open and interact with our messaging.
  • Cold-outreach is an art form that requires specific psychology for it to work effectively.
  • We test, test, and test some more until we hit a high conversion rate of lead interactivity, i.e. when the lead matures from “cold” to “warm” – and we pass those over to your sales team.

Digital Marketing Content SEO Services

There are certain things that you need to do every month to get higher rankings on Google.

Things like: creating content for SEO marketing, creating landing pages, updating social media posts, checking on backlink opportunities, and a lot more.

We do all of that for you and suggest ways to improve your rankings and Lead Generation activities.

What’s Included In The Digital Marketing Package?

  • Professionally written informative and actionable content pertinent to your niche (8,000 keyword-rich words per month);
  • Monthly “campaign idea brainstorming” for your content;
  • Syndicating your content over your social media channels (20 posts per month);
  • Social Media Account creation (if necessary);
  • “Essential SEO” maintenance (ensuring all “vital SEO” technical features have been implemented);
  • Bi-monthly reporting for:
    • Your Rankings
    • Broken Links (if any)
    • Security issues
    • Backlinking opportunities (by examining your competitor’s link strategy);
  • Local search optimization (optimizing your “Google My Business” Profile);
  • Monthly creation of a landing page with implementation to your CRM platform (HubSpot, etc.);
  • Newsletter consultancy (advice regarding inboxing and delivery tools);


The beauty of this package is that you just sit back and let us consistently create and publish content that will push the needle on your SEO efforts and generate discussion and engagement with your target audience.

How We Work

The first thing we do is see if there’s a fit between our skillsets and your produce or service. Our processes and methods are better suited to certain industries and niches.

It’s All About You…

It’s not about us: it’s all about you and your business.

We are adamant that we deliver on what we can deliver.

We are a small agency and our attention to detail and results can only be achieved by working with a select number of clients.

Once we’ve confirmed that we are able to help you then the next step is to meet and brainstorm some outreach ideas. We need to learn as much as we can about your product, service and solution. Once we have these basics then we’re good to.

Once we’ve confirmed that we are able to help you then the next step is to meet and brainstorm some outreach ideas. We need to learn as much as we can about your product, service, and solution. Once we have these basics then we’re good to.

Our Monthly Subscription Fees

There’s no yearly contract. Not that you will – but you can cancel at any time

Digital Marketing (Content SEO Services)

Ideal For Consistency

8,000 keyword-rich per month

Campaign idea brainstorming

Social Media Syndication

“Essential SEO” maintenance

Newsletter consultancy (advice for inboxing and delivery tools)

Bi-monthly reporting: Rankings

Bi-monthly reporting: Security issues

Bi-monthly reporting: Broken Links

Bi-monthly reporting: Broken Links

Local search optimization

Landing page optimization

Integration with CRM platform

No Yearly Contract | Cancel Anytime

Growth Marketing (Lead Generation) Service

Ideal For Fast Results

Scraping of hundreds of leads For your niche

Validate all leads for accuracy, social profiles, and working contact details

Execution of “cold-outreach” campaigns that will nurture the leads from cold to warm, ready to be sold to!

Landing Page design and connecting with your CRM (HubSpot for example)

Bi-monthly reporting of all activities with KPI’s and Conversion %

Agree on a set number of leads depending on your niche per month


All of the Digital Marketing Stuff

All of the Growth Marketing Stuff

One afternoon a fortnight in your office

Instant support: 24/7

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