Outsource Digital Marketing (Hong Kong) Guide

Thank you for taking the time to read my article!

The majority of the material on this website is about SEO in Hong Kong and the relevant SEO Services.

We’re entering an era in Hong Kong when outsourcing Digital Marketing is being part of an SME’s business planning.

It’s becoming more popular for Hong Kong businesses to make that decision to outsource their digital marketing.

We Are Not Talking About Outsourcing Outside Hong Kong!

Let’s just get the 100% clear.

The outsourcing that I am talking about remains in Hong Kong, it’s just not done by an in-house Digital Marketing Team.

Traditionally “outsourcing marketing” or any form of “outsourcing” would mean placing freelancers or agencies in charge of duties such as accounting or design work or some basic IT in countries like Nepal, India, Pakistan et al.

No, what I am referring to in this post is the rise and popularity of Hong Kong companies (of all sizes but mostly SME’s) to outsource their marketing within Hong Kong to freelancers.

The Pro’s Of Outsourcing Digital Marketing

  • It’s far cheaper to outsource (all or some) your digital marketing
  • Contracts are simple (typically only 3 months commitment)
  • An abundance of talent
  • You can “cherry-pick” the talent that you want
  • Domain-specific expertise, (i.e. finding experts in their skill)

The Con’s Of Outsourcing Digital Marketing

  • You “lose” in-house capability
  • You are not training your team
  • There is a “trust” element involved

In Summary

Like anything in life, there is always an element of risk. If you want to progress, move the needle and get results fast then the best thing to do is to outsource elements of your marketing.

If you can work with a Hong Kong-based freelancer or growth marketer then that would be the best solution.