Nearly 100% Speed Test! PASSED

Speed Kills!

Well, speed does kill, especially if you’re going above 30 mph in a residential area as per the law in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, BUT, a slow speed loading website will absolutely kill your website.

Really excited that my site, absolutely smashes the site-loading speed test.

Here’s the proof, copy and paste my domain:

Then hit this link and copy and paste my domain:

Why Is This Important?

It’s hugely important.

Google keeps its ranking algorithm a secret, otherwise, we’d all be ranking on page one. However, every now and again then release advice and recommendations which are factual to the ranking of a website.

Two of these recommendations are, for example:

  • Having a fast-loading website (especially on mobile)
  • Having an SSL Certificate (the https)

These two are a must for SEO, and Hong Kong, of course, is no different.

Let’s just focus on the speed issue though.

Mobile Site Speed (Measured “First”)

At the moment, ([year]) my site loads at 93 on mobile.

That means that my site is on the 93% point-scoring on mobile so yes, it loads at lightning speed.

Mobile is “measured first” because that’s where we are heading. More people are searching using their mobiles and that’s the more tricky to get to load fast as we will see.

The reason why a mobile might load slower over a desktop or laptop is primarily due to the processing power of your static machine.

Desktop Speed


98%. So, yeah! Definitely loading at breakneck speed.

Why Is This Important?

It’s important for a very obvious reason. Google wants to serve the best possible experience for people that use its’ search engine. A slow-loading site just sucks and the bounce rate vastly increases.

We should be striving to keep our webpage load times under the benchmark of 2 seconds. Every Hong Kong SEO Expert should have this figure as a must-achieve.

This figure of “two seconds” was stipulated by Google’s John Mueller, it’s the maximum limit that most of your visitors are willing to wait for your page and resources to load. Go over this line at you’ll lose business.

How Do We Achieve Fast Loading Websites?

Ah, good question!

Well, that’s where you need the expert help of a Hong Kong-based SEO Expert: me!

There are a bunch of things that you can do, namely:

  • Ditch the slow-loading WordPress Theme you might be using;
  • Compress CSS/JS;
  • Only load vital CSS/JS;
  • Make sure the JS loads asynchronously;
  • Compress images;
  • Using caching;
  • Load fewer resources

And dozens of other things.

Again, if you need help with this please get in contact and I’ll help you out.

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