How To Get Found On Google in Hong Kong

Do you want your website or pages to be found on Google in Hong Kong?

Let me help out with some ideas and tips to share with my five step SEO process that I’ve used to rank dozens of Hong Kong business websites.

For a refresher on SEO basics, see our beginner’s guide here, and we also have a list of SEO Hong Kong companies if you’re interested in finding an agency to do it for you.

To grow an online business, you need to get your website found in Google, which should be considered as the priority and objective.

The vast majority of all clicks go to the top 5 positions in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) so that means that you need to be in the top five positions as well!

Some of the advantages SEO can bring a company are:

  • Visibility online
  • Credibility for your brand
  • Better user experience improved organic traffic
  • A long-term strategy for growth
  • Encouraging leadership and conversions
  • Competitors Outrank

SEO is critical for any online business.

There is a potential customer base you can tap into if enough people are searching for your product or service.

So, how do you go about SEO to get to the top of the search engines?

You can use the steps below to develop your own SEO skills

Keyword Research

Keyword research is done using SEO software like AHrefs, SurferSEO, Cognitive SEO, and Keyword Cupid. The software determines and helps you decide which keywords to rank for. Consider keywords as the search terms or phrases that a potential client would type into Google to find your services or products.

Like ‘SEO Agency Hong Kong’, which drives over 1.4k organic visitors to my website each month. As a result, we get most of our leads and traffic from SEO.

Your keyword strategy depends on its effectiveness:

  • Keyword search volume
  • Keyword search intent
  • Keyword difficulty (competition)


SEO requires quality content. It engages not just visitors to your site, but also provides the perfect opportunity to naturally include keywords in your copy. Blogs, how-to guide or service the content of your website all provide Google with a good indicator of how useful your content is and what it is looking for.

  • Use correct grammar and make sure your spelling is passable!
  • Use paragraphs to break up long form copy
  • Comply with voice layout and tone
  • Create content that can be shared
  • Blogs and items are an excellent way of bringing your website traffic
  • Share your knowledge
  • Make sure that each copied line adds value to your page

Specialist software for keyword research will also show you all of the keywords for which your competitors have to classify. This is an excellent way to find keywords that might be outweighed by your competitors.

Simply copy and paste the domain on the Ahrefs website or the equivalent in your software into the Site Explorer.

On-page Optimization

It reads the technical elements of a page to decide where to place your site at the results of your search. Google is a massive algorithm, think of it as a robot.

As a result, you can make numerous minor improvements to your site which show you a complete user experience. This is called optimization on-page.

Include your keyword in the following parts to help Google know that when you enter copying on your site, your site is very relevant for this period of search:

  • H-tags
  • Image (Alt-tags) tags

To better optimize your page, you must take into account:

Also – I interviewed a Hong Kong based web developer that you might find interesting. He discusses the importance of speed when using WordPress.

I’d suggest to use WP Rocket, a website speed plugin that helps pages and pictures load rapidly when you have a WordPress website.

Link Building

I refer to a ‘backlink’ as a link to your own website.

The process of acquiring links is known as “link building”.

The creation of content, for example, is a good starting point. You will probably get backlinks when you develop a helpful and interesting blog or guide that others share or cite on their own website.

Backlinks may be built in numerous ways. However, it is important that you have connections with a high authority from reputable websites, otherwise, it might affect your own rankings.

Social Media Indexing

When you’ve created the content you need to also let Google know that it is there. Aside from backlinking another method is to push it into your social media channels.


Because Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Facebook and the other social media platforms are constantly crawled.

You can automate this process with tools like IFTT or Zapier.

Wrapping Up

If you follow these five steps you will be absolutely fine.

Good luck with all your Hong Kong SEO efforts and I wish you all the best!

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