How To Generate Leads

Let us generate leads for you. We live and work in Hong Kong and are lead generation experts.

“How to generate leads” is a question every single marketer and business owner will ask, and perhaps they ask it every day.

It’s all about leads dummy.

Having no leads will translate to no new customers and therefore no new revenue.

It’s clearly serious stuff.

You’ve got to generate a constant quantity of leads to ensure that you have a solid pipeline from which you can generate sales and of course, customers.

There are many approaches to getting leads.

Pre-Internet we used to place greater emphasis on forging relationships with people within our social and professional circles, and of course, that still holds true today. But times have changed. It’s not enough. The Internet has made the world smaller and has had a tremendous benefit on lower barriers for anyone to compete but that, of course, is a double-edged sword.

The point I’m getting at here is that we need a plethora of channels and lead generation strategies to create revenue (as well as all the other good stuff we need such as brand promotion) and customers.

Approach #1 Local Hong Kong networking groups

Pound the pavement. Hit up meetup groups in Hong Kong, and join groups of interest. Make sure you get your business cards printed before attending. The last point about business cards is an important one because Hong Kong thrives off business cards. When I was in New York last year with Plum I noticed that business cards appear to be a dying etiquette, but not so in Hong Kong.

There are other ways to network in Hong Kong. Get involved in your local embassies or consulates, professional groups, facebook groups (even social ones like “Hong Kong Dad’s”, Reddit, and a ton of other groups).

Approach #2 The Internet is your friend

Hit the Internet like there’s no tomorrow.

In fact, imagine if you were trying to network in Hong Kong and generate leads in the 1920’s – how would you go about it! Crazy to think about how we often the Internet and social networks for granted.

LinkedIn couldn’t be a better tool since it’s configured to solely let you connect with like-minded professionals in similar industries or potential users or buyers of your product or service.

In summary

Adopt both approaches and you’ll be positively networking and generating leads on no time at all.

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