How To Build An SEO Authority Site

Authority Sites

I was invited to speak at the Hong Kong WordPress Meetup Group to present the above title.

I really enjoy talking about SEO so I was more than delighted to speak at the event!

I gave this talk on Wednesday, 14th September 2022.

What Do We Mean By An “Authority Site”?

A website that is recognized as an authority among other websites in its field is called a reputable website.

The primary characteristics of these websites are the presence of high-quality content as well as a substantial number of inbound links. It turns into a reference for other websites that operate in the same kind of niche.

Sites with high authority are those that comply with both professional standards and editorial criteria, both of which help to guarantee that the material is of high quality. These requirements are not adhered to by sites that have a lesser authority.

The Presentation

My presentation was 45 minutes long – and it’s really a whistle-stop tour of how I was able to get Growth Hackers to the top of Google for the keyword: “Hong Kong SEO”.

The way that I did it is outlined in the video below so if this is something of interest then please watch and comment on the video!

If you have any questions please feel free to get in contact.

Breakdown Of The Presentation

I discussed how I created two authority sites for distinct market segments; those being:

  • Cybersecurity, and
  • Search engine optimization

The websites I created were created with WordPress and a number of plugins, and they (usually) dominate their respective niches. I say “usually” because there is always a degree of volatility and I can fluctuate. The process that I outline in my talk is to create “directory authority sites”.

I’ve built several of them, and they have all done well except for one.

The plugins I use, and that I illustrate in my presentation, include:

I also dive into the importance of keyword clustering, backlinking, and – perhaps most importantly – making sure that you do something that you are passionate about!

What Can You Do With An Authority Site?

Websites that are considered authoritative can generate anything from a few thousand hong kong dollars per month to several million dollars per year in revenue. Everything is going to rely on the size of the website, how much money you make from advertising and affiliate sales, how many visitors you get, and how they navigate through your site.

I’ve monetized my authority sites selling advertising and SEO services (for example), whilst many others in the industry that I know to create these sites to flip them.

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