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In this blog post, we take a look at Hong Kong Startup Media resources that you can use to help your startup grow.

The resources we’ve listed here relate to listings, local tech news, and other startup publications, for example, “startup blogs” growth publications”, “Facebook Groups” and a ton of other resources.


The organization was founded in 2012 by serial entrepreneur Billy Yuen. EHK is a private non-profit organization that works with startup leaders and the Hong Kong government with an aim to build and improve Hong Kong’s startup ecosystem.

It’s a good resource but if I’m totally honest about it, a bunch of the content, especially the “breaking news” hasn’t been updated in ages. However, having said that, in 2014, EHK has expanded its operations into media, covering startup news, interviews, and analysis. e27, Asia’s largest startup news organization, and TIME and FORTUNE are EHK’s official partners.

FinTech News Hong Kong

FinTechNews launched in September 2015 with an aim to provide a source of timely deep insights and latest local news about Digital Finance; delivers FinTech-centric contents of various content types to audiences who want updates on Financial Technology Events, Stunning Opinions about FinTech from Highly-Reputed Digital Finance Innovators, Newest Analysis on FinTech Application from Most-active Insiders, Breaking News on FinTech topics and FinTech Market Alerts, etc.

FinTechnews now has 3 channels covering FinTech news around the world. Fintechnews Switzerland includes FinTech articles and FinTech events in Switzerland and Europe, Fintechnews Hong Kong covers content in Hong Kong, and Fintechnews Singapore includes content in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Hong Kong Startups List

Hong Kong Startups List is also called the “map” of the local innovation industry. This is where you can meet some of the best and newest startups that is based in Hong Kong.


Jumpstart Media is a platform that connects and supports Asia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem through content, non-profit initiatives, and corporate partnerships.

Jumpstart is Hong Kong’s first (and only), print publication dedicated to startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs. With both local and international coverage, it highlights small business trends covering a vast array of topics including manufacturing, design, education, eco-startups, “mom”preneurships, and coworking.

Jumpstart is published 6 times a year and is available for free at over 350 location around Hong Kong, including all co-working spaces, Chambers of Commerce, private clubs, airport lounges, universities, coffee shops, hotel and companies such as Regus, Compass and Google.

Notey HK

Notey Labs main purpose is design digital solutions that aids businesses more fearlessly embrace a global web.


Startbase.hk is aiming to be the most comprehensive and up-to-date tech database covering Hong Kong-based startups. They have more than 300 entries.

It’s main mission is to have an easy, transparent access to Hong Kong’s growing number of startups for easy access from web and mobile devices.

Startbase.hk is an open database with curation by StartupsHK which means that any Hong Kong-based startup can add their company to Startbase and that they will check and verify the information when needed.

Key stakeholders in Startbase.hk include Denis Tse, Casey Lau, Gene Soo, Sindy Kwan.


StartmeupHK is an initiative by InvestHK aimed at helping founders of innovative and scalable startups from overseas to set up or expand in Hong Kong. Their services include providing information about the startup ecosystem in Hong Kong, connecting people to the startup community, hosting startup events and helping to foster a positive environment for startups to thrive.

Their website is a one-stop portal to Hong Kong’s startup community. They can provide startups access to events and resources that support their entrepreneurial journey, including details of potential investors, incubation and acceleration programmes, government funding schemes, co-working spaces and entrepreneur associations. Startmeup.hk is also a platform for local and overseas startups to share their success stories and stay updated on news and happenings in Hong Kong’s dynamic startup ecosystem.

Startup Digest HK

Digest can help by connecting you with your startup community through events and top-notch content.


StartupsHK was founded in 2009 by Casey Lau, Gene Soo, Jon Buford and Daniel Cheng with the aim of helping grow the startup community in Hong Kong. In 2012, the company now has 5,000 members and growing daily.

They have a membership program to help fund their operations so everyone is invited to join and gain amazing benefits.


The passion of this company is to boost startups, foster the growth of the startup ecosystem and bring Hong Kong/Greater Bay Area to the top on the global map of Startup Ecosystems.

WHub (whub.io), is one of Hong Kong’s biggest startup community and their product, power connector, is a platform showcasing startups to accelerate their business through meaningful connections to the resources they need to grow.

WHub is based on 3 pillars to help foster and grow the ecosystem:

  • Empower Recruitment and Startup-Corporate Co-Innovation
  • Connect Key Players and the Community
  • Educate through insights and events

Tech in Asia Hong Kong

Tech in Asia is probably the largest English-language technology media company that focuses on Asia Pacific Region. From the latest news to the hottest trends and the boldest startups to the strongest titans, they cover everything tech in the region. Their goal is to build and serve Asia’s tech and startup community.

Apart from producing and delivering quality editorial content, they can connect brands with early adopters via Studios, their advertising agency unit. Tech in Asia also organizes tech conferences and events across Asia and operate the region’s go-to startup and technology jobs marketplace.

Tech.co Hong Kong

Tech.Co is an event organizer and media company for entrepreneurs, startups, and technology enthusiasts. Since 2006, its goal has been to amplify local tech communities and give entrepreneurs a place to get informed, get connected, and get inspired. Tech.Co dedicates itself to covering news, how-to’s, up-and-coming startups, and industry trends online.

From its simple origins as a community-building cocktail event, Tech.Co has transformed into a full-fledged media company with millions of readers around the world.

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