GMass Is A Great Tool For Cold Bulk Email

Why should I recommend this email delivery tool when there is a dime of a dozen other (SMTP) email providers and automated EDM campaign resources out there?

The answer is because of Google and a term known as “sender credibility” – that’s why.

Inboxing email (the ability to reach into the mailbox of a recipient) is a great talent to have.

It’s gold if you can get the receiver to open and respond to your text.

It requires effort and preparation to combine the two talents of technology and copywriting (which I consider to be an artform).

With this cool platform named GMass, the “software” part of sending a mass email to your cold or “warmed up” email list is taken care of for you. (It’s also worth noting that I’ll also be covering another fantastic email distribution platform named Lemlist later on during the year and posting on this blog, which has a unique spin on this process.)

Anyway, for the sake of this post, let’s concentrate on GMass for the time being.

So all you have to do is install the Chrome extension, sign up for a paying account, attach your contacts to a Google Sheet, and press the submit button.

Sending emails with “macros” is nothing special, but what makes this email tool stand out is its ability to inbox for three reasons:

  1. It seems to be completely normal.

    GMass receives an email from your own personal account, meaning you’re submitting a personalized email to both Google and your recipient.
  2. There is no “unsubscribe button,” which not only seems bad but also seems amateurish in your outreach email. (However, certain municipal rules mandate it.)
  3. There’s a great auto-send function, which means that if the receiver doesn’t open the first email after “X” days, the second and third emails will be sent, and so on.

You may submit up to eight emails to people on your goal list using this app.

I frequently use this app, and it helped me land a deal with one of Hong Kong’s largest advertisement agencies.

When I asked the agency’s creator why he responded, he said it was because my email was brief, personal, and straightforward – and it seemed to be legitimate.

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