FREE SEO SpyGlass Professional License

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The majority of the material on this website is about SEO in Hong Kong and the relevant SEO Services.

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If you do any backlink checking, or perhaps you work for a Hong Kong SEO Agency, then you’ll be pleased to know that this mature, fantastic SEO Tool is 100% free!

I discovered that SEO Powersuite (this folks behind SEO SpyGlass) are giving away a Professional License for a year!

What Is It?

SEO SpyGlass is a kick-ass Backlink Checker which allows you to see:

  • Who Links To Your Site
  • Who Links To Your Competitors Site
  • Whether You Have “Bad” Links (thereby affecting your SEO)
  • Link Opportunities

This offer is only AppSumo, Professional License, valid for a year.

Tools like this are an integral part of performing the necessary SEO services that your business needs.

Backlink checkers is just one part of the process but what you need more than anything is good content and an excellent content strategy.

If you’re trying to rank a local website in Hong Kong then you’ll need things like Local Schema to let Google know you’re in Hong Kong, as well as a bunch of other items.

So, good luck with the new tool, I’m sure you’ll find it really useful!