Will .hk Domains Expire in 2047?

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Think about it, the .com.hk, .hk domains will, in theory, become obsolete in 2047 when Hong Kong fully reverts back to China.

Does it really even matter?

Probably not.

It’s not actually a major game-changer because I’m sure that in 2047 we will still be using some form of 301 redirects to another domain, very possibly a .cn domain.

The Good Thing About .HK Domains

I love .hk domains because they are relevant in the walled garden which is Hong Kong.

I’m more curoious rather than concerned because I imagine that by 2047 I’ll be long-gone and not working with domains any longer – indeed, who actually know what the future will be with domains and the Internet.

I suspect, however, that .hk domains and domains in general will continue to persevere in much the same way that email doesn’t die. Different channels come and go but email just stays, and I am sure that this will remain the case with Internet domains.