Hong Kong Digital Marketing Events in 2021

There’s little having a page dedicated to marketing events in Hong Kong in 2020 for obvious reasons – COVID-19.

However, digital marketing events and conferences are coming back with a vengeance in 2021 onwards.

Is It Business As Usual?

Yes sir, yes ma’am.

It certainly is!

When COVID hit the streets back in January and February (in earnest) in Europe and ASIA/US then we saw a massive cancellation of all types of conferences and events worldwide, it wasn’t of course just a Hong Kong thing.

What we saw afterwards was the merger of online and traditional offline conference structures.  this new format  for organising conferences might become the standard until we have a vaccine for covid. 

Anyways, the good news for us is that digital marketing conferences in 2021 in Hong Kong  are back and that is good news for several reasons. For example, attending conferences is a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills and at the same time meet new people for your local network. Hong Kong is a small City and is even smaller with regards to industry niches  such as digital marketing and SEO.

SEO events in Hong Kong are back with several previous digital marketing conferences that have been organised in Hong Kong over the years. 

I have created a resource that lifts upcoming Hong Kong SEO events and conferences and I highly recommend that you attend at least one or more this year. 

I do not have any strict criteria for adding events to the digital marketing events directory that I built except for two things,  firstly that the event has SEO and internet marketing content, and  that it is physically based in Hong Kong,  weather it’s being virtual or physical.

 let me know if you have an event to add to the directory which is free to do so.

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