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Marketing Conferences in 2024

This is a list of upcoming conferences in Hong Kong that we think are worthwhile attending. Our preference is marketing and SEO events but we’ve also listed Blockchain and FinTech conferences as well.

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Past Marketing Conferences of 2023

Asian Financial Forum 2023, Hong Kong

11 – 12 Jan 2023

AFF is the top venue in Asia for world leaders in business, finance, and government to exchange thoughts and knowledge as well as to look into investment and business opportunities. The AFF 2022 attracted more than 66,700 viewers from 80 different nations and regions who attended for thought leadership, business networking, and to witness the newest advancements in fintech and cutting-edge business concepts.

As a component of the forum, its Deal Flow Matchmaking Session arranges one-on-one meetings between sources of funding and suppliers of deals from all over the world. Over the years, more than 7,200 meetings have been scheduled for more than 5,500 businesses and investors, including private equity firms, high-net-worth individuals, and senior executives from intermediaries and professional services providers.

Additionally, the AFF’s Fintech Showcase, FintechHK Startup Salon, and InnoVenture Salon showcase numerous financial breakthroughs, cutting-edge technologies, and ground-breaking business concepts to promote business collaboration and support entrepreneurs and startups. The AFF’s Honorary Advisors and Steering Committee, which is made up of thought leaders with a lot of experience, offers assistance to ensure that the organization continues to grow.


15 March 2023

MarketingPulse is an integrated branding and marketing conference that brings together global marketers, brands, advertising agencies, e-tailing experts, media, enterprises, and innovation professionals to discuss marketing trends, exchange information on best practices, and exploring opportunities for collaboration in Asia. MarketingPulse is an inspiring rendezvous where participants explore new frontiers in the markets.

From creating marketing strategies to hosting events that connect players and catalyze progress, MarketingPulse is a one-stop shop for all things related to marketing. MarketingPulse is in charge of leading the discussion on how marketing and creativity may assist attendees in preparing for a world that is recovering from COVID-19 and operating in a marketing landscape that is full of opportunity. In addition to providing guests with networking opportunities and practical marketing know-how through a series of seminars, it also provided them with inspirational input from companies, agencies, digital strategists, and e-tailing professionals.

WOW Summit

29th March 2023

After the tremendously successful WOW Summits that were held in Dubai and Lisbon in 2021 and 2022, the Hong Kong Edition of the WOW Summit will take place. Gatherings of blockchain and Web3 technology would do well to take place in Hong Kong due to its advantageous position in the Asia-Pacific area.

The widespread use of Web3 is gaining momentum in this region. Join us to network with influential businesspeople, government officials, new media and digital artists, businesspeople from international corporations, and more. The WOW Summit will be held in Hong Kong on the 29th and 30th of March. One of the most important international gatherings, World of Web3 Hong Kong brings together Web3 industry leaders with international businesses, investors, and NFT artists. The goal of the summit was to make it easier for people to start using blockchain technology.

Markies Awards

1st May 2023

One of the most prestigious awards that we give out is called the MARKies Awards, and MARKETING-INTERACTIVE is pleased to be here with you once more to honor and celebrate the campaigns or projects that are the most innovative, creative, and effective across the entirety of Hong Kong’s marketing services industry. It offers advertising companies in Hong Kong a stage on which to exhibit exceptional and well-deserved works of brilliance, and it analyzes individual entries by concentrating on the creative ideas behind the campaign or the inventive use of various forms of media.

Now that entries can be submitted for a diverse range of 35 categories split between two primary categories – Creative Ideas and Implementation – only the most commendable campaigns will be awarded for their outstanding work. Winning a MARKie serves as both an acknowledgment of the quality of your work amongst your competitors and peers and a recognition of the bright minds that are behind amazing campaigns. The MARKie Awards are presented annually by the Marketing and Advertising Research Foundation (MARK). Any Hong Kong-based agency is welcome to submit work for consideration in the MARKies.

Retail Digital Marketing Conference 2023

10th May 2023

The concept of “customer experience” is not new to either consumers or brands; it has been around for many years. However, this new era has reengineered it and given it new meaning, which has made the relationship with customers more in-depth than it ever has been before.

How can marketers re-craft customer experiences within the context of a hybrid business model to provide customers with consistent, engaging experiences both online and offline? Which methods involving many media should be used to make the most of the interaction between brands and customers? How can companies best position themselves for success to provide consumers with engaging experiences—even if those encounters are conducted remotely—that win their affection?

Hong Kong Conference for Fintech, AI, and Big Data in Business

June 02-03, 2023

The City University of Hong Kong is going to play host to the conference on the first two days of June in the year 2023. Because of the competitive nature of the conference, there will be no more than ten presentations on the schedule. To enable interactions between researchers who can physically attend the meeting and those who are not, the meeting will be held in a hybrid format over two days. The costs of economy travel and a three-night hotel stay will be covered for international speakers attending the conference by the organizers, who will also reimburse them for their expenses.

MarTech Summit

6 July 2023

The MarTech Summit this year brings you an entirely new speakers line-up as well as a program that is packed with a variety of panel discussions, fireside chats, keynote speeches, and more! A guaranteed attendance of at least 85% of people in senior leadership roles, ensures that you will learn from and network with C-suite executives, heads, directors, and digital marketers, among others.

GOVirtual Business Expo & Conference 2023

12th July 2023

The idea of the Metaverse helps to shape the significance of the VIRTUAL Economy and Community, and it reveals how important it is for businesses to execute strategies that are really “GOVirtual.” The on-demand economy has also transformed the methods by which people do business in the modern world. Numerous sectors, such as banking, retail, education, and healthcare, among others, have been subjected to enormous shifts in recent years.

Businesses are adopting digital transformation to maintain their competitiveness and relevance in their industries. Several other types of technology are currently receiving a lot of attention, including AI engineering, AIoT, Blockchain, Cloud Technology, NFT, and PssS. The development of all of these technologies and breakthroughs will continue to be the primary force behind the future of the corporate sector.

Hong Kong SEO Events: Are They Worth Attending?

For the most part, I’d say…yes.

SEO Hong Kong is a cottage industry that is booming, especially during the COVID crisis in that we are seeing a massive pivot to everything going digital.

Pros Of Attending Conferences

  • A fantastic way to network;
  • Learn some new skills;
  • Get clients, leads, or employment opportunities

Con’s Of Attending Conferences

  • There can be a lot of “hot-air”, i.e. BS content;
  • Expensive and virtual events just don’t quite cut it.

I occasionally speak at SEO Conferences; the ones I really love are the more growth hacking types of conferences and the slightly more “blackhat” events – but that’s just personal preference.

The Past, Present, And Future Of SEO Conferences In Hong Kong

When COVID hit the streets back in January and February (in earnest) in Europe and ASIA/US then we saw a massive cancellation of all types of conferences and events worldwide, it wasn’t of course just a Hong Kong thing.

What we saw afterward was the merger of online and traditional offline conference structures.  this new format for organizing conferences might become the standard until we have a vaccine for COVID-19. 

Anyway, the good news for us is that digital marketing conferences in 2021 in Hong Kong are (just) back and that is good news for several reasons.

Hong Kong is a small city and is even smaller in industry niches such as digital marketing and SEO – so – all the more reason to get stuck into events.

SEO events in Hong Kong are back with several previous digital marketing conferences that have been organized in Hong Kong over the years. 

I have created a resource that lifts upcoming Hong Kong SEO events and conferences and I highly recommend that you attend at least one or more this year. 

I do not have any strict criteria for adding events to the digital marketing events directory that I built except for two things,  firstly that the event has SEO and internet marketing content, and that it is physically based in Hong Kong, whether it’s virtual or physical.

Do You Have An Event To Add?

Let me know if you have an event to add to the directory which is free to do so.

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