Digital Marketing Agency in Tsat Tsz Mui, Hong Kong

Isobar is composed of 6,500 people in 85 locations across 45 markets globally.

Their mission is to transform businesses, brands and people’s lives with the creative use of digital.

They believe in Ideas Without Limits – pushing the boundaries of technology and creativity. They are passionate about the power of digital, and their collaborative culture helps deliver flawless execution and create transformative work.

Services they offer include:

Marketing & Communications
Building brands and idea-led experiences that engage people & motivate behaviour

Ecosystems & Commerce
Constructing end-to-end experiences through platforms and systems that drive utility & transaction

Products & Services
Creating and innovating new offerings and services that generate value and drive revenue

Transformation Consulting
Consulting to unlock exponential growth and drive change

Isobar Address

27, 625 King's Road, Java Rd,
Hong Kong, Tsat Tsz Mui
Hong Kong

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