EOI Digital

Digital Marketing Agency in Tuen Mun, Hong Kong

EOI Digital combines creativity and analytics for the best possible outcomes. They specialize in Web Development, Graphic Design and Digital Marketing.

These guys by their own admission outsource most of their work to the Philippines.

Services they offer include:

  1. Graphic design services.
    Looking for a way to stand out? Let us take care of the most optimal & stunning graphic design for your business. It is vital for your brand to look professional and to have a consistent theme. Your brand is who you are, what you do and who you do it for. This will show how you take your customers and your brand seriously. With effective branding, you won’t need large marketing projects with every new product because your consumer will already have an understanding of what you have to offer.
  2. Web development services.
    Aside from looking good, it has to feel good as well. A well-crafted website with a focus on your business goals is the way to go. With our expertise in design and development, your website will easily get results and surpass competitors. Rise above them all with the power of digital.
  3. Digital marketing services.
    The future of marketing is online. EOI believe in the power of digital marketing and our campaigns prove this. EOI use a careful selection of digital marketing tools tailored for your business to ensure the best outcomes. This involves organizing digital marketing campaigns, creating content for your website, doing search engine optimization, starting social media interaction and rolling out paid advertisement campaigns.

EOI Digital Address

EOI Digital
F2A1-A7, Pahsan Indus BLDG., 16 Sun on Street,
Hong Kong, Tuen Mun
Hong Kong

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