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Digital Marketing Agency in Chai Wan, Hong Kong

Another Hong Kong based Digital Marketing Agency, Digit Pepper can provide you with direct online channel strategic advice, enthralling and search-engine friendly website design and one stop digital marketing solutions for businesses looking to establish or enhance the web presence. They can help marketers from different industry take full advantage of the direct online channel and turn their websites into more effective and profit generating distribution channel. They also provide personalized consultation services to all prospective customers.

Services they offer include:

Facebook Marketing Solutions
Setting up a Facebook Page is easy, keeping it on the go is the real challenge! The true formula of success relies on ‘Consistent hard work & Strategic technique’. Get a well-maintained Facebook Wall and engage your potential customers for insights, brand awareness and loyalty. All you need is a Professional and Supportive team to manage your Facebook Page.

Web Design & Development
Today, people are viewing the internet on 52″ TVs, 24″ monitors, 15″ laptops, 13″ netbooks, 7″ tablets, 4.5″ smartphones, 2″ watches and every size between, Responsive Website Design is a practical way to build websites that work well on all browsers & devices. All you need is a brand new web design technology.

Social Media Maintenance
Except Facebook wall maintenance, Digit Pepper also provide other social media channels management service. If your target customers are Chinese mainlander? Weibo is suitable. If your business is related to fashion? Pinterest would be the best. The team have professional copywriters and digital marketing consultants to manage all of your social media channels.

Integrated Digital Marketing Solutions
Your every marketing campaign should complement and lead to one another. Better integration and optimization should lead to a stronger brand proposition, increased brand engagement and interaction and, of course, a better return on marketing investment. The Digit Pepper team are strong at creative idea thinking and know how to play with all the platforms and channels.

EDM Design
A well-compiled mailing list or e-mail database gives you the ability to distribute information to a wide range of potential customers at relatively low cost. It is immediate, cost effective and, just as importantly, can be linked back to websites for individual product service and promotion. The team design attractive layout to catch your targets’ eyeballs.

E-Card Design
Differentiating your company and brand from others requires more than just professional products and services. Make an e-card to market yourself and to thank clients for the strong relationship or remind them of your services. Digit Pepper design the beautiful e-card for festivals or any special days. e.g. the anniversary of your company etc.

Website SEO Optimization
No matter how beautiful interface is your website, it’s meaningless if it doesn’t ranks high in Google. There are many factors to affect the ranking in search engine, one of the most important factor is the SEO optimization level of your website. Digit Pepper analyze your website and the target market, to advice and insert the proper meta codes into every pages.

Mobile App Development
Mobile application development is an incredible resource for your already existing infrastructure and can be a great addition to your company. It allows you to stay ahead of your competitors and can even increase your lead generation tactics or brand recognition. Digit Pepper turn creative ideas into unique and effective mobile app features.

Offline Materials Design
An effective marketing campaign utilizes several mediums in order to draw attention and generate leads. There’s nothing wrong with using printed materials such as business cards, brochures, and calendar printing Sometimes they are integrated with online channels e.g. the customized QR code printed on your leaflet. Digit Pepper can design the printed materials from namecard to billboard.

Images That Say More Than Words, what if you have nice products want to show in your website? Good product photography really is a key selling point. The team understand how important your products are, and equally important, how your audience will view them.

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