3 Screens Strategic Advisors

Digital Marketing Agency in Central, Hong Kong

3 Screens Strategic Advisors is a Digital Business Consultancy.

This agency is different from many of the others owing to its longevity in the marketplace here in Hong Kong. Founded 10 years ago by seasoned Internet Marketing Practitioners, their team focus their energies on three specific key areas:

Digital Marketing: Awareness

Raise awareness and interest in your business by telling your brand story with segmented content and targeted digital media strategically placed along your consumer funnel (or buyer’s journey) and across your digital ecosystem. i.e Show a group of people with a specific need how great your solution to their problem is.

Lead Generation: Sales

This agency collect leads and nurture them into sales by creating an inbound marketing funnel with marketing automation that is tailored to your business’s definition of a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) i.e. Show me the customers!

Digital Training: Mindset

They can provide your team the proper view of what digital really is, minus all the buzz and hypes. Their goal is to change the mindset of grey-haired top management and hot-blooded juniors to properly embrace digital and to be able to apply it strategically.

3 Screens Strategic Advisors Address

3 Screens Strategic Advisors
1/F 20 Hollywood Road,
Hong Kong, Central
Hong Kong

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