Don’t Get Ripped Off By Digital Marketing Agencies in Hong Kong

Don’t Get Ripped Off!

No one likes getting ripped off.

It makes you feel shitty and wastes time.

We all want the best that we can find, and finding and working with a decent Digital Marketing Agency in Hong Kong is a tough ask.

How Do You Decide Which Marketing Agency To Work With?

In Hong Kong, my research showed that there are over 72 different digital agencies, boutiques, and digital marketing consultancies, most of which are located in Central, Hong Kong Island and TST (Kowloon).

The first obvious question you should be asking your potential digital agency partner is: do you (or have you) worked with anyone else in the industry that you’re in? If the answer to that is yes then you’ll have plenty to talk about with practical examples and a ton more.

If you’re interested in questions to ask a Digital Consultant I’ve got a post on that here.

Here’s How You Might Be Getting Ripped Off

Extortion hosting is a simple and easy one to take note of when it comes to being ripped off.

Many people, of course, are not tech-literate as a Digital Agency will be and they can easily inflate prices. So, if you’re unsure – then ask! You can also check where they claim that your site is being hosted by using this tool.

Outsourcing. This one is mega. It is insanely simple and easy to outsource the vast majority of digital marketing gigs here in Hong Kong from SEO, SEM, Link Building, etc. Now, there’s nothing wrong with doing that but the expectations and costs should be established for what it is that you are paying for. In other words, if you are being invoiced for a considerable amount for online marketing services then take heed as to what could be being outsourced because at that point you could do it yourself.

Here’s an example: spinning content and creating marketing content for your website and online presence. This should be outsourced by an agency, but if they are claiming to be doing it themselves and outsourcing it then alarm bells ought to be ringing.

Processes & Tools. All digital marketing is done by using (for the most part) growth hacking tools to automate processes. Again, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that but you shouldn’t be paying for automated processes.

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