What’s The Difference Between ASO vs SEO?

App Store Optimization is a technique for increasing app visibility and optimizing app store rank boosting.

The app rating on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store is determined by a number of criteria, including the use of the best keywords, appealing pictures, and localized details.

Because of the perception and exposure on app stores, the app ranks higher and attracts more downloads.

In Hong Kong, ASO is often compared to SEO, but the former only applies to the app store’s search function and ranking algorithm.

However, there are a few strategies where SEO and it intersect, which can be useful when you’re first trying to boost your App Store rating.

A closed site search engine is what app store optimization is. It relies on proper indexing, discoverable information, and an understanding of the app store ranking algorithm, much like SEO. You will improve product exposure and boost the number of downloads if you can effectively distribute the functions and functionality of your app to both app stores and future customers.

How Does ASO Compare to SEO?

Hong Kong SEO remains a skillset that’s well-known and in-demand, but compared to ASO Agencies, there’s not that much exposure.

In the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, algorithms are used to rate apps in search results. The algorithms use a variety of user interaction and input indicators, such as page visits, downloads, uninstalls, ratings, and reviews, to determine the ranking.

Applications are ranked in search results based on their similarity to the keywords entered by the customer. Meanwhile, these algorithms evaluate the keywords in the title, definition, and keyword fields and quantify relevance with the app using metadata as a proxy for correlation.

Finding an ASO Agency in HK

App Store Optimization is one of the ways to boost the app’s rating and popularity in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

It allows you to interact with the right people and spread your specific selling points. App marketers value optimization because it can significantly increase downloads. Furthermore, these are organic downloads, which are often the most desirable customers for an app.

According to Apple, 75 percent of App Store users can use quest to find applications, and 70 percent of downloads have come straight from App Store searches.

The most critical is that app store optimization is a collection of software that allows you to take advantage of Apple and Google’s search algorithms to ensure that your app is featured in the most appropriate areas, resulting in increased popularity and downloads.

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