Deep Dive Into “Hong Kong SEO” Keyword Ranking

There are about 50 things you have to do when it comes to SEO and getting your content to rank for your keywords. In this post, I take a deep-dive into discovering what Hong Kong’s best SEO agencies are doing to get to the top of Google. They say that if you want to hide a dead body you could do it on page 23 of the search engines – my point being that if you are not ranking on page one for your desired keywords then it’s unlikely that you’ll ever be found.

Let’s Be Clear

Whatever an SEO Expert did to get to the top of the Search Engines Results deserves respectand – admiration.

Ranking for any competitive keyword is a real slog and, for the most part, takes a lot of time and commitment.

In this post I want to break down some tactics that will help you rank for your keywords.

What Will You Learn From This Post?

You will learn:

  • How to easily compete for keywords
  • How to check for vital onsite SEO
  • A “How To” with regards to executing this strategy

In summary, this post will help you by going under the hood and taking a look at what has worked for the others. If it has worked for them, then it will work for you.

Let me be even clearer: if it has worked for your competitor, then it will likely work for you.

Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal

I’m sure you’ve heard that saying, but in the SEO game, this is very much the case.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the main raison-d’etre for this post: taking a look at what the best-ranking SEO companies in Hong Kong are doing to rank on page one and two of Google!

As of the end of 2020 the following Hong Kong SEO companies rank for this keyword: “Hong Kong SEO”

Give Google What Google Wants

This is the main point of this post: to rank for the keywords you want just take a look at who is ranking for them.

To compete you will need to likely have as many (if not more) words, header tags, and inbound links as your competitors.

If that’s the case then let’s take a look!

So, to summarise at this point, we’re going to analyse, for each top-entrant:

  • Their Word Count, and
  • Quantity of different header tags.

Why Is This Important?

It is important because that is what you will need to accomplish if you want to have a chance at competing.

Let’s now take a look at the ranking table…

The Rankings For “Hong Kong SEO” – November 2020

Position ( Kong SEO CompanyAgency URL
1First Page (International SEO Agency)
2Cogney (International SEO Agency)
3Elevate Digital (Local Agency)
4Concinnity Limited (Local Agency)
5Hong Kong SEO HK (Local Agency)
6Rise Marketing (Local Agency)
72 Easy SEO Limited (Unsure)
8SEO Hero (Unsure)
9Get Clicks (Local Agency)
10Online Marketing Gurus (International SEO Agency)
11Aloha Online (International SEO Agency)
12Diamond DM (Unsure)
13Uptimiser (Unsure)
14YouFind (Local Agency)
15Arcopix (Unsure)
16Top SEO (Local Agency)
17NJL Marketing (Unsure)
18Butter (Local Agency)

Now! Let’s Drill Into The Differences For Word Count

Ranked in terms of the search rankings, here are the quantities of each of the SEO companies’ word counts.

Why Is “Word Count” An Important Metric?

Because there’s a general consensus in the SEO Community that word-count does matter, i.e. the more words you have on the page the better. Naturally, you will want to have a happy and natural blend of semantic keyword patterns and variations.

However, despite the argument as to whether a long word count is important, the point is that we need to know what Google expects the word count to be.

SEO AgencyWord Count
First Page2,124
Elevate Digital2,033
Concinnity Limited841
Hong Kong SEO465
Rise Marketing468
SEO Hero1,412
Get Clicks1,547
Online Marketing Gurus3,260
Aloha Online542
Diamond DM2,063
YouFind HK602
Top SEO820
NJL Marketing1,277

Let’s Drill Into The Differences For Header Tag Usage

And just like the keyword count, the table ranking is by the highest result (i.e. “best result”) at the top.

Why Is The Quantity Of Header Tags Important?

Like the keyword count, there is a broad consensus in the SEO world that Google and indeed all search engines, place value on how your content is structured.

Again, what we are looking for are the expectations that Google is placing on us if we want to rank for these keywords.

SEO AgencyH2 TagH3 TagH4 TagH5 TagH6 Tag
First Page111116
Elevate Digital442268
Concinnity Limited243
Hong Kong SEO182
Rise Marketing1
SEO Hero8110
Get Clicks67184
Online Marketing Gurus14
Aloha Online165
Diamond DM11282
YouFind HK2
Top SEO86
NJL Marketing5243

Let’s Get The Averages!

And…drumroll…this is the important bit of data, i.e. the averages!

So, here they are:

Average Word CountAverage H2Average H3Average H4Average H5Average H6

In other words, if you wanted to compete and rank for keywords like: “Hong Kong SEO” or “SEO Company Hong Kong” you’d need to create content that at least had 1,490 words and at least 7 H2 Tag Headers, 8 H3 Tag Headers and a generous amount of H4-H6 Tags as well.

Now, of course, word count and HTML Tag Headers will only get you so far. You’ll also need a ton of other signals to get on Google radar including social media noise, dwell time, bounce rate, CTR, on-page semantic keyword complexity, inbound links, and a lot of other mini-signals that Google bakes into its’ algorithm.

How Did I Get This Data?

You need to install a chrome add-on called SEO Minion.

This is a simple chrome add-on that allows you to check a ton of instant onpage SEO technical data such as word count, Header Tag usage, broken links, language checking, and a bunch of more useful data.

It’s a highly recommended SEO tool that you can use for “on the fly” checks and it works great in situations that I have used it for.

Before embarking on writing content you’d be wise to write out all the data that I’ve analyzed above.

Wrap Up

Word count and Header Tag usage are very helpful guides that will help you understand what you need to do in order to compete for certain keywords.

If you have any additional comments please get in touch.

I’ll be updating this resource over the upcoming months.

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