6 Steps To Excel In Content Marketing in Hong Kong

Content marketing has been around for several years now. It has become wholly engrained as a “must-do” activity with regards to your Digital Marketing – and Hong Kong is no different.

I see content marketing as having the following activities:

  • Generating keywords and key phrases to help you generate leads;
  • Ensuring that your brand remains front and center of what it is that you’re trying to solve;
  • Making your brand and service look “relevant and up to date”

So, what do you need to do to create and manage “content marketing”?

The first thing you need to do is see where you can add value. What’s missing from the search engines? Can you answer it better? If you can, then go for it!

#1 Answer The Question(s)!

It’s all well and good ranking for “purple strawberries in Hong Kong” and coming top of the search but if no-one is searching for that then, what’s the point?

What is it that your service or product does? What “problem does it solve?”

Once you’ve absolutely defined what you solve then look at resources online that attempt to answer those questions. Your Hong Kong SEO strategy can then be applied to address those questions accurately, concisely and from that, you’ll be able to convert that traffic.

#2 How To Find Better What People Are Searching For Specifically in Hong Kong

Indeed, I’d argue that local Hong Kong search and SEO is even more relevant than the results generated from the more generic “international Google”.

The important thing to do is to satisfy the searcher’s query in Goole and all the answers lie within the localized Hong Kong Google Search Results!

Use the auto-prompt. Google is helping you here.

My point here is that if you are doing SEO/SEM work to address the Hong Kong English-Speaking market then ensure that you’re on google.com.hk which should be by default, type in your targeted keyphrases and the Google Autoprompt will give you the answers to the quiz.

Now, of course, there’s still a ton that we need to do, but at least you’ve been given a rough indication of what people are asking on Google Hong Kong.

#3 Make It Interesting

Kinda obvious, but make your content interesting.

Make it boring and folk will bounce off your site within a few seconds which will send a very negative SEO signal to Google Hong Kong – assuming that you’re trying to rank locally.

So, what is interesting? Does your content engage and present the information in a fun and creative way? Images, video, infographics, data tables, animated gifs and other interactive tools such as polls can all help to break up the content and keep folk on your site – thereby sending a positive signal to Google Hong Kong.

Once you send positive signals to Google (and other HK based search engines) then your SEO efforts will result in ranking higher, resulting in more traffic and therefore leads – and ultimately sales.

#4 Mix It Up

Mix it up! Don’t always sell. No one likes being sold to: it’s annoying. Instead, do what Gary Vaynerchuk coined as the “Jab, Jab, Right Hook concept”.

This content relies on flirting with your audience, impressing them and then gently selling to them.

So, by mixing it up, what I mean is being able to give value, then more value and then offer a solution. Build up trust through your content marketing and SEO efforts when marketing to local markets like Hong Kong.

#5 Keep Your Content Consistent

Keep going.

Don’t give up!

99% of people fail and end up working for the 1% that never quit. Precisely when you think you’re wasting your time will be the moment that you suddenly get a boost in rankings and your SEO and content marketing pays off!

Your content, if it’s good and has value, will rank. It’s not a question of how but when; Google will find you, especially in a small local market like Hong Kong.

#6 Syndicate Your Content

Make your life easy. Just go ahead and set up an automate media planner that will syndicate your content out to all media channels on your behalf every day.

In Summary

That’s it. Those are my five tips to help you with your content marketing efforts in Hong Kong which will have the benefit of helping your SEO as well as getting your brand and solution recognized.

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