List Of Digital Marketing Courses In Hong Kong (For 2022)

In this post, I’ll list out some of the Best Digital Marketing Courses you can take in Hong Kong in 2021 – 2022.

There are literally dozens of marketing courses to choose from in Hong Kong and I’ve just cherry-picked a bunch of them.

I selected the below courses and schools for the following reasons:

  • They are reasonably priced (some are very cheap!);
  • Niche-focused and “actionable”, and;
  • They last a decent (and short) duration of time

I’ve been working as a Digital Marketing Specialist in Hong Kong for several years now and many of my clients have taken courses and lessons in Internet Marketing so I thought I’d share some thoughts.

2021 Hong Kong Digital Marketing Schools

School NameCourse NameCourse Fees (HKD$)Course Duration
Joyce Tsang* Recommended!
How To Identify, Attract, And Convert Your Target Audiences Into Customers With Content
Bonfire MediaCertified Digital Marketing Professional17,6955 Weeks or 5 Days
HKU SpaceExecutive Certificate in Data-driven Creative Thinking for Marketers *6,0004 Weeks
HKMADigital Content Marketing 3,0002 Weeks
HKMAB2B E-commerce Planning & Management **3,0002 Weeks
HKMAChina Social Media Marketing & WeChat3,0002 Weeks
Welkine-Shop Creation and Digital Marketing1,2006 Hours
WelkinSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)1,2006 Hours
WelkinAnalyzing Site Performance/Google Analytics1,2006 Hours
WelkinGoogle AdWords Essentials1,2006 Hours
WelkinWordPress and CMS Essentials1,2006 Hours
WelkinSocial Media and Facebook Marketing1,2006 Hours
DIGICOMMastering White Hat SEO ***8003 Hours

* Please note that HKU Space has dozens of marketing courses, the one that I selected was the shortest duration.
** This is jointly organized with
*** In English

The list of Digital Marketing Schools and Courses listed above are only ones that jumped out to me and ones that I’ve heard of.

I’ve also tried to list the courses by affordability and what I’ve perceived as being good value for money.

I also choose the above courses because I love the idea of the specialization of the digital marketing niches; i.e. a WordPress course is a fantastic idea as is the China Marketing WeChat course which I’d imagine would be laser-focused towards teaching you how to market to the mainland.

Simply seeking the cheapest and best marketing courses in Hong Kong doesn’t necessarily mean that they are good of course; you’ll have to do your own research for that.

Clearly the Welkin courses offer the best value for money but having said that the DIGICOM looks like a total bargain especially with it being in English.

Other Worthy Mentions Include:

  • The Knowledge Academy
  • Digital Marketing Institute
  • Growthmarketer Academyā€ˇ
  • Growth Marketing Bootcamp (organized by StartMeUp)

What To Look For When Selecting A Course

Whilst obvious it’s worth stating that the first thing to look for when selecting a Digital Marketing Course and School is the quality and experience of the teachers.

Some people love teaching and love sharing their knowledge and experience and when it comes to Digital Marketing that is absolutely applicable.

Digital Marketing, especially Growth Hacking, is a subject that constantly evolves so another important aspect to look for is an updated and relevant syllabus. For example, does it specialize in a particular geographical market? If you’re interested in China Marketing (WeChat et al) then perhaps you’re best off seeking a highly specialized course like that.

The other obvious thing to look for but again worth stating are the reviews. Are they legit? Do they have a depth of reviews, i.e. more than just a few sessions?

In Conclusion

You should congratulate yourself for wanting to learn.

Those that stop learning will die. You’ve got to constantly update your skills and Digital Marketing is one of those industries that changes every day.

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