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Contact center-as-a-service, or CCaaS, is a cloud-based customer care platform; and it is growing in popularity. SaaS marketing and SEO platforms have been around for a while but CCaaS is a new concept that I stumbled across and thought to share with the community! CCaaS is an extension of the SaaS phenomenon.

SaaS products are a software as a service products.

They are software products that are delivered to customers over the internet. Customers can access and use the software from any location with an internet connection. SaaS products are usually subscription-based, meaning customers pay a monthly or annual fee to use the software.

How Do CCaaS Platforms Work?

The provider hosts and manages these centers wholly on an offsite data center.

This technology is gaining popularity since it is less expensive and easier to establish and manage than a typical contact center.

A regular contact center typically costs roughly $15,000 to set up whereas CCaaS solutions, on the other hand, can cost up to $200 per agent per month on average.

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Furthermore, studies have shown that for every dollar invested in contact center infrastructure, around $2 is spent on maintenance. CCaaS lowers these costs because consumers pay a monthly fee that includes installation and maintenance.

Furthermore, CCaaS systems can be implemented in as little as five weeks (depending on the complexity required). A standard contact center takes around three months to properly set up.

What’s Next for the CCaaS Industry?

61% of customer service leaders report increased phone volumes. Furthermore, 58% of customer service directors anticipate an increase in volume during the next 18 months, and notably, nearly half of customer service centers have reported an increase in employee attrition in the recent year.

To combat these issues, businesses are increasingly turning to technology. As a result, the market for technologies such as contact center software is expected to rise fivefold over the next eight years.

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