The Power of Elementor

Gimme The 2 Second Version Elementor, the WordPress plugin is pretty awesome if you want quick solid web design. Update! Elementor is horrible. Avoid it at all costs. It’s extremely heavy on code and will slow down your site. There are better solutions, like for example Gutenberg Blocks and using a theme like GeneratePress. First … Read more

OceanWP WordPress Theme Is Amazing

Little Personal History I’ve built somewhere in the region of 50 websites since I first started in Internet Marketing in 2001. I used to build my own Content Management Systems in PHP using a ton of ‘include files’ and inevitably in 2003, I discovered WordPress. It definitely wasn’t “love at first sight”, in fact, I found it … Read more

Will .hk Domains Expire in 2047?

Think about it, the, .hk domains will, in theory, become obsolete in 2047 when Hong Kong fully reverts back to China. Does it really even matter? Probably not. It’s not actually a major game-changer because I’m sure that in 2047 we will still be using some form of 301 redirects to another domain, very … Read more