How To Start a Business in Hong Kong

Registering a company is very simple in Hong Kong. I am not sure of the process for non-residents or for those not physically located in the Special Administrative Region, or “SAR” as it is referred to; however, for me – located in Hong Kong, the process was simple and fast. It’s also very affordable too. … Read more

Website Services in Hong Kong

We offer five distinct WordPress development services. #1 Performance tuning A common request we get here at Growth Hackers HK is “can you tweak my existing website?” – typically what’s happened is that a friend of the family or a colleague here in Hong Kong has built the website and then they either disappear or … Read more

SenseTime Is Hong Kong’s First Unicorn Startup

I’ve been in Hong Kong for the last five years and since that time I’ve seen a lot of change. I’ve worked for a bunch of startups, notably Plum, a food delivery service that really was a pioneering concept at the time. Unfortunately, that company folded, and since then I’ve worked for other similarly well-funded … Read more

Hong Kong Startup Networking Events 2019

It’s All About Networking A man once said that “Your Network Is Your Net Worth”. And, yup, it’s true. When it comes to the startup world, networking is vital for a multitude of obvious reasons. We thought we’d put this list together for you to help you see what’s out there with regards to networking … Read more

20 Ways To Kill Your Startup

WTF Is This Post About? It’s really more of a reminder to me. Often writing a piece like this you remind yourself what it is that you need to do and not do to be successful. This resource, or list, is aimed at anyone who is at an early(ish) stage with their business. Assuming that … Read more

The Way of MVP with Startups

WTF is an MVP? That’s a great question and likely the reason why you are here. An “MVP: Minimum Viable Product” is a methodology widely used within the Startup world primarily for these reasons: You quickly identify what your initial fans want; It’s affordable and you don’t waste money Think of it the opposite way that … Read more