Reasons Why Hong Kong Is Fantastic For SEO!

I’m biased. I live in Hong Kong and am involved with all aspects of Internet Marketing so, sure, this post is configured to what’s great with Hong Kong – but here are my thoughts! Why Hong Kong SEO Is A Profession Here To Stay The population of Hong Kong is 7.5 million. With 25,700 people … Read more

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Nearly 100% Speed Test! PASSED

Speed Kills! Well, speed does kill, especially if you’re going above 30 mph in a residential area as per the law in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, BUT, a slow speed loading website will absolutely kill your website. Really excited that my site, absolutely smashes the site-loading speed test. Here’s the proof, copy … Read more

Website Services in Hong Kong

We offer five distinct WordPress development services. #1 Performance tuning A common request we get here at Growth Hackers HK is “can you tweak my existing website?” – typically what’s happened is that a friend of the family or a colleague here in Hong Kong has built the website and then they either disappear or … Read more

6 Steps To Excel In Content Marketing in Hong Kong

Content marketing has been around for several years now. It has become wholly engrained as a “must-do” activity with regards to your Digital Marketing – and Hong Kong is no different. I see content marketing as having the following activities: Generating keywords and key phrases to help you generate leads; Ensuring that your brand remains … Read more

WordPress SEO and Local Search in Hong Kong

The Good News Here’s the really positive and fantastic news: Google (and all the other search engines) love WordPress. Every website that I’ve optimized; either for local Hong Kong SEO or the European and/or US Market has, for the most part, always been built on WordPress. I Used To Build My Own CMS! Yes, I … Read more

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Does A .hk or Domain Beat A .com In Local Search?

Acquiring a .hk or domain names sounds perfectly reasonable for us Hongkongers. Of course, it makes total sense and has become extremely popular over the past few years among local businesses to target their services in their particular city. Google’s John Mueller published an answer to this question on whether it makes more sense … Read more

Content Marketing in Hong Kong

Content Marketing is a must to get your site and brand ranked. What Do We Mean By Content Marketing? “Content Marketing” is an activity that has been in existence pre-Internet, but it’s taken a more central role in marketing strategies owing to the multitude of online channels that we now have. When we refer to … Read more