Twitter’s First Launch Was A Total Flop

Twitter As We Know It Twitter was founded by Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone (ex-Google employee), Evan Williams (Blogger co-founder), Noah Glass (co-founder of Odeo where Twitter was developed) and Florian Weber (German programmer contractor). Twitter Started Life On A Laptop As amazing as this sounds, Twitter took two months to develop and ran off a … Read more

Impact of COVID-19 In Hong Kong For Startups & SME’s

In this blog post, I ask Hong Kong Startup Founders their experiences regarding how COVID-19 has affected their businesses in 2020. I also ask them for their predictions and thoughts about the future prosperity of Hong Kong. What’s This Post All About? We provide Hong Kong SME’s and Startups with SEO Services and Digital Marketing … Read more

My Speaking Events

Every now and then I’m invited to speak which is fantastic. Topics I speak on are Digital Marketing (and everything therein), and Cybersecurity. The main topics are tech-related, some might call it MarTech. I really enjoy talking not least because you meet a bunch of other people in the industry, which is great for networking, … Read more

FREE SEO SpyGlass Professional License

You’ll love this. If you do any backlink checking, or perhaps you work for a Hong Kong SEO Agency, then you’ll be pleased to know that this mature, fantastic SEO Tool is 100% free! I discovered that SEO Powersuite (this folks behind SEO SpyGlass) are giving away a Professional License for a year! What Is … Read more

British Groceries and SEO In Hong Kong?

What on earth could be the connection? Well, as it turns out – rather a lot! Let me explain…. Online Grocers & Specialty Stores It’s hard to find too many good things to say about the year 2020, but we certain industries have certainly benefitted. One of these sectors was the online shopping industry. For … Read more