Business Card Growth Hack

Long Live The Business Card

At least in Hong Kong

This is a simple yet effective business card growth hack that I’ve been using for clients and myself.

Hong Kong still dishes out business cards, and in fact, it’s absolutely expected that you whip out a card and present it in a quasi-Japanese manner.

Business cards exist for all the right reasons and, amazingly, 27 million business cards are printed every single day and it appears that they aren’t disappearing from fashion. On the contrary, it appears that business cards are just as popular as they’ve ever been, but, that they becoming a bit weirder each year.

QR Codes, Cute Messages, Weird Titles…

Last year (in 2018) I was working in New York helping Plum (the Hong Kong food delivery app) set up shop I was given a business card by a chap whose title was “HMFIC”. Probably like you, I was curious to what that meant, and here’s the google search for you, was amused. The thing is that you’d have to be your own boss and have (typically) a “cool” startup to get away with it. Anyways – to veer on the side of conservatism, having a business card with HMFIC in Hong Kong probably wouldn’t fly – especially if you were dishing it out to VC’s.

Anyways I digress.

The point I was making with my “Hong Kong Growth Hack For Business Cards” post is that applying a QR Code is a great idea – as long as it links back to an actionable item on your site.

In my personal example, my business card links back to a Free SEO Audit Offer which is specific to Hong Kong. So, the chances are, that when I dish out my card someone remembers that I do SEO in Hong Kong (as a Digital Marketing Consultant) and therefore might be reminded to hit me up for my free offer. It’s no-commitment and just starts a conversation.

Of course, the card also has a permanent static easy to write out URL for those that don’t trust my link or don’t use the QR feature on their phone.

Using the QR Code Scanner on your iPhone is insanely simple – just open up your regular camera and point it at the code. That’s it.

In Summary

Do everything you can to generate leads and doing a little thing like this might tip the scales in generating some new fresh leads for you to convert.

Even if this growth hack brings in two new clients a year, that would be two new clients that you otherwise wouldn’t have had.

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