BookTok ‘TikTok Book Reviews’

What Is BookTok?

More of more TikTok users are posting short videos reviewing books on the social media platform, using the moniker “BookTok”.

We’ve reviewed a bunch of TikTok marketing uses; from TikTok SEO to TikTok dropshipping and even an app that allows you to download TikTik videos.

BookTok Explained

An astounding 35 billion views have been accumulated under the #booktok hashtag on the platform and as a result of the trend, a number of books and authors have been able to ascend to the top of book charts.

In point of fact, the trend’s level of influence has grown to the point where it is frequently referred to as the “world’s largest book club.” That’s pretty amazing when you think about it.

So, whoever said that Gen-Z didn’t read!

To illustrate this point, even Barnes & Noble has compiled a list of books that are famous on TikTok. The list includes many titles that are popularly discussed using the #booktok hashtag.

What Does The Future Hold For BookTok?

Hashtags on TikTok have evolved into online communities in which users can engage in conversation with others who share their interests.

BookTok is a TikTok sub-community dedicated to books and literature. Creators make videos in which they review, discuss, and joke about the books they read. The genres of these works vary, although many authors specialize in young adult fiction, young adult fantasy, and romance.

The future looks solid for this trend – and why shouldn’t it?

BookTokers (i.e. those that promote books on TikTok) can, in fact, receive compensation for their work, but they do not make nearly as much as one might anticipate. Sponsorships and the creator fund are the two primary revenue streams that can be generated by They have the option to participate in the creator fund if it is available in their nation and if they match the criteria necessary to do so.

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