Reasons Why Hong Kong Is Fantastic For SEO!

I’m biased. I live in Hong Kong and am involved with all aspects of Internet Marketing so, sure, this post is configured to what’s great with Hong Kong – but here are my thoughts! Why Hong Kong SEO Is A Profession Here To Stay The population of Hong Kong is 7.5 million. With 25,700 people … Read more

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How To Start a Business in Hong Kong

Registering a company is very simple in Hong Kong. I am not sure of the process for non-residents or for those not physically located in the Special Administrative Region, or “SAR” as it is referred to; however, for me – located in Hong Kong, the process was simple and fast. It’s also very affordable too. … Read more

The Power Of Positivity

What Gives? It doesn’t matter what you do: just be positive and do it with confidence. I’ve been in the startup game since 2003 and I’ve had a ton of ‘up’s and down’s’ and I am, in many ways, my own worst enemy, but what I can tell you is one thing that I can … Read more

Nearly 100% Speed Test! PASSED

Speed Kills! Well, speed does kill, especially if you’re going above 30 mph in a residential area as per the law in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, BUT, a slow speed loading website will absolutely kill your website. Really excited that my site, absolutely smashes the site-loading speed test. Here’s the proof, copy … Read more

Website Services in Hong Kong

We offer five distinct WordPress development services. #1 Performance tuning A common request we get here at Growth Hackers HK is “can you tweak my existing website?” – typically what’s happened is that a friend of the family or a colleague here in Hong Kong has built the website and then they either disappear or … Read more

Angel Investors vs Venture Capitalists – Which One Is Best For You?

In this post, I’m going to share with you the difference between an angel investor and venture capitalists. This difference between the two is really important to know because both of them will give you money but in completely different ways. It’s important to understand both of these terms because both of them seem the … Read more

Professional Organisations in Hong Kong

List of Professional membership groups in Hong Kong This list should help you to find a professional organization that might help you grow your business. The benefit of joining one or more of these groups is self-explanatory: they’re an excellent way to network. Chartered Institute of Linguists Hong Kong Society The Hong Kong Institution of … Read more