6 Steps To Excel In Content Marketing in Hong Kong

Content marketing has been around for several years now. It has become wholly engrained as a “must-do” activity with regards to your Digital Marketing – and Hong Kong is no different. I see content marketing as having the following activities: Generating keywords and key phrases to help you generate leads; Ensuring that your brand remains … Read more

Outsource Digital Marketing (Hong Kong) Guide

We’re entering an era in Hong Kong when outsourcing Digital Marketing is being part of an SME’s business planning. It’s becoming more popular for Hong Kong businesses to make that decision to outsource their digital marketing. We Are Not Talking About Outsourcing Outside Hong Kong! Let’s just get the 100% clear. The outsourcing that I … Read more

Business Card Growth Hack

Long Live The Business Card At least in Hong Kong This is a simple yet effective business card growth hack that I’ve been using for clients and myself. Hong Kong still dishes out business cards, and in fact, it’s absolutely expected that you whip out a card and present it in a quasi-Japanese manner. Business … Read more

WordPress SEO and Local Search in Hong Kong

The Good News Here’s the really positive and fantastic news: Google (and all the other search engines) love WordPress. Every website that I’ve optimized; either for local Hong Kong SEO or the European and/or US Market has, for the most part, always been built on WordPress. I Used To Build My Own CMS! Yes, I … Read more

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Does A .hk or .com.hk Domain Beat A .com In Local Search?

Acquiring a .hk or .com.hk domain names sounds perfectly reasonable for us Hongkongers. Of course, it makes total sense and has become extremely popular over the past few years among local businesses to target their services in their particular city. Google’s John Mueller published an answer to this question on whether it makes more sense … Read more

SenseTime Is Hong Kong’s First Unicorn Startup

I’ve been in Hong Kong for the last five years and since that time I’ve seen a lot of change. I’ve worked for a bunch of startups, notably Plum, a food delivery service that really was a pioneering concept at the time. Unfortunately, that company folded, and since then I’ve worked for other similarly well-funded … Read more

Hong Kong Startup Networking Events 2019

It’s All About Networking A man once said that “Your Network Is Your Net Worth”. And, yup, it’s true. When it comes to the startup world, networking is vital for a multitude of obvious reasons. We thought we’d put this list together for you to help you see what’s out there with regards to networking … Read more

20 Ways To Kill Your Startup

WTF Is This Post About? It’s really more of a reminder to me. Often writing a piece like this you remind yourself what it is that you need to do and not do to be successful. This resource, or list, is aimed at anyone who is at an early(ish) stage with their business. Assuming that … Read more

State of Growth Hacking in 2020

Growth hacking in Hong Kong is alive and kicking in 2020! We’ve had a triple whammy of issues in Hong Kong, let’s address them right now: (Unresolved) Protests (Unresolved) Coronavirus (Ongoing) Recession These three major challenges have created a ton of anxiety in Hong Kong. Sure, there’s a ton of concern for business in Hong … Read more