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Yello is an integrated marketing agency specializing in the sports market, offering a complete range of marketing solutions. The folks at Yello specialize in sports event management and conference in Hong Kong and Singapore. Their relentless attitude to providing the best in what they do is driven by their genuine passion and the creation of shared values through sports. In 2015, Yello expanded the business into Singapore and Shanghai and expects to bring the same passion and quality of work to these markets. Their unwavering commitment to delivering the best in all we do stems from their sincere enthusiasm for sports and the development of common values.

Yello expanded its business into Singapore and Shanghai in 2015, and the company plans to bring the same level of enthusiasm and efficiency to these markets. Passion is their biggest drive to success, as well as their ultimate motivation and attitude to strive for perfection at all times. They see every opportunity they come across as an inspiration to be their better self. They deliver convincing results to their clients with wholehearted presentations. They believe passion can only be built from within the team. Therefore, they recruit only enthusiasts who truly believe in what we do and live their legacy. In the workplace, Yello regularly upholds the highest moral and organizational values, leading by example to uphold the best in corporate and ethical principles. They guarantee their clients the most seamless, risk-free approach thanks to their international Project Management Professional (PMP) values and a natural thirst for information.

The Hong Kong Council of Social Service has designated Yello as a Caring Business. They volunteer their time outside of their clients’ company needs to help with charity and community projects. They believe that leading an active and safe lifestyle brings happiness to all. Through what they do, they hope to inspire the underprivileged and unsupported with their genuine enthusiasm and best practices.

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Agency Tagline: Passion Is Our Business

Clients listed on their site include: Bloobing, Sport Cares, Coca Cola

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