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KnightCreative say that It’s a crucial component to online marketing success! But increasing their clients’ traffic numbers just isn’t enough for them. They make sure the visitors they’re delivering do exactly what their clients want them to.

KnightCreative is a highly effective Social Media Marketing Agency that focuses on establishing a Social Media Marketing team for small and medium-sized businesses with the ultimate goal of growing revenue and enhancing brand image. That is why, similar to having a professional Social Media Marketing team, KnightCreative provides online marketing services on a monthly subscription basis to meet their customers’ needs.

Their goal is to provide small and medium-sized businesses with measurable yet comprehensive Social Media Marketing. They are pioneers in integrating the power of different platforms and strategies to create highly successful online marketing programs tailored to each client’s specific goals and needs. Their services are tailored to each customer, combining the most effective online tactics and resources to produce outcomes that will have a positive impact on their clients’ performance. They’ll craft your online presence to direct potential customers on their path to you, from generating brand recognition and catching your audience’s interest to nurturing leads into customers.

  • eCommerce
  • Creative
  • Paid Media

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SEO Hong Kong Based Agency/ Digital Marketing Consultants
Address : 901, 20 Nanking St, Jordan, Hong Kong,
Hong Kong, Hong Kong/ China, SAR
Tel : +852 2741 3006


Growth Hackers Hong Kong is primarily an SEO Agency that caters to the entire APAC region. The company also has a focus on Growth Hacking initiatives.


Growth Hackers Hong Kong

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1 Connaught Rd Central
Central Hong Kong, Hong Kong Island
Hong Kong