About Us

About Growth Hackers Hong Kong

Test. Test. Test. And test some more.

We are an obsessive, curious, and analytical bunch here at Growth Hackers.

Founded in 2018 we’ve had some pretty major successes in a short period of time.

We focus solely on strategies and techniques that are purely and exclusively related to growing your business. We hypothesize, prioritize, and test innovative growth strategies that will be unique to your model. Central to our approach is our insistence on analyzing and testing to see what’s working.

Henry Dalziel

Founder & Lead Hacker

Henry has a background in Cybersecurity (Ethical Hacking) and growth marketing. Starting waaay back in 2002 (yes, that long) Henry has helped grow companies in London, Miami, and here in Hong Kong.

Curious what we’ve been working on?

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