8 SEO Fundamentals Tactics To Get Your Site Optimized

What Are SEO Ideal Practices?

If you are doing SEO in Hong Kong, then I hope my basic “overview guide” will help you out.

Hong Kong SEO techniques are the same as anywhere else; there is no difference. Every SEO Agency in Hong Kong will be using a variety of techniques that I list below.

You can consider my top eight list as being the basics with regards to Search Engine Optimization best practices. I’ve been doing SEO in Hong Kong for many years now and I’ve used the below – which are really a collection of tasks – to help boost my clients’ website’s internet search engine positions.

TL;DR If you want just one “take-away” from the post then consider this: usual search engine optimization ideal techniques consist of on-site optimization, researching competitive keywords, and building as many high-authority and niche-specific backlinks to you or your clients’ website.

There are a million and one things you can do to get higher Google positions (including innovative SEO methods and also techniques. Indeed, there are new techniques being pushed out every day to satisfy the ever-changing Google Algorithm).

Top placement in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) can be achieved as long as you place emphasis on adhering to the Google Optimization Guidelines.

My Top 8 Suggestions For Hong Kong Google Optimization

  • Fresh, Original Content
  • Clean, W3 Validated Code (HTML)
  • Easy And Accessible Navigation (With A Clean Sitemap)
  • Perfectly Created Interlinking (Internal Linking) Of Your Posts And Pages
  • Relevant (Niche-specific) Inbound Links
  • Domain Age Helps…
  • Citations – Vital For Local Hong Kong SEO Tactics
  • Social Media “Positive Signals”

Fresh (Consistent) Content

Google, and indeed all search engines, love fresh – and – unique content.

Remember that search engines can’t (as yet) 100% read images or even video for that matter (although they do transcribe YouTube videos). Anyways – the point here is to focus on producing as much content as possible that do two things:

  • Address questions being asked by your community;
  • Offer help and advice to your community
  • Write SEO-keyword rich content to get higher rankings!

#1 and #2 listed above are aimed at your LeadGen and growth hacking techniques, whilst #3 above is to help with your SEO efforts.

Clean, W3 Validated Code (HTML)

Clean code (i.e. HTML and your CSS) helps Google to send their bots deep into your site.

Try to always put your keywords early-on in your content and always have more text than code on your key “pillar posts” and pages that you are trying to rank.

Easy And Accessible Navigation (With A Clean Sitemap)

Having an XML sitemap (ask your developer what this is – or I can help if you want) helps the search engine to crawl and basically to understand your site and how it is built.

So, the moral of the story here is to build your site in such a way that Google can understand how the content has been structured – and in more technical terms, it “understands your taxonomy.” Said simply, sitemaps do enhance the position of a website in search engine results, hence increasing your SEO efforts.

Perfectly Created Interlinking (Internal Linking) Of Your Posts And Pages

Internal web linking (i.e. linking to pages within your site) acts as a map – and further validates the point I have made above.

Relevant (Niche-specific) Inbound Links

Google likes referred-to sites, specifically referred from sites with a high level of reputation, quality – but importantly – that are in the same niche. Think about it. It makes sense. This site is all about offering SEO Services in Hong Kong. If I had a link from an SEO-related website then good! However, if I have links coming from some unrelated niche then it will look suspicious – and spammy, i.e. sending a negative signal to Google and that’s what we don’t want. The more referring relevant weblinks the better when trying to get a high position on Google.

Domain Age Helps…

Google started keeping freshly registered domains in their sandbox from February 2004.

When I use the term “sandbox” I am referring to the fact that almost all new domain names are placed on a probationary period of anywhere between one to six months. Why? Because it is all about trust, and Google needs to be a rapport with you! Just like humans….we have to build (or “earn”) trust.

Google also prefers aged domains, especially those that were registered for longer periods like for 5 or 10 years. Whilst there are those that disagree with me, I’d still favour that having a long-registered domains shows intent to Google, i.e. that you will be sticking around.

Citations – Vital For Local Hong Kong SEO Tactics

Google likes real business owners and matching those owners to their real address.

I am referring to Google My Business but to also the point of getting local citations (NAP) for your site. This is especially true and important when running a local SEO Hong Kong campaign.

Social Media “Positive Signals”

Google looks for engagement and positive signals.

Seeing traffic from Social Media sites can only help – again – as long as it is from your niche.

Make sure your Facebook page and all other social media channels regularly send traffic (as much as possible) to your money-pages or pillar content on your site.

Wrapping Up

Doing SEO requires a ton of actions.

You can’t really just push a button and hope for the best.

I hope that the above helps someway with your SEO efforts, and if you have any questions please drop them below.

If you need help with your Search Engine Optimisation in Hong Kong then get in contact!

Lastly – good luck with all your efforts.

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