Content Inspiration: The 7 Content Types

It’s a challenge to know what to write when you are writing for your community. There are really two main reasons why you publish content: firstly to be able to rank for SEO and to engage with your audience.

Let’s discuss some ideas that hopefully will help you create a ton of great content.

Here are the 7 types of content:

  • Authority Content
  • Ebooks
  • Standout Opinion Pieces
  • How-To Content
  • Original Research Pieces
  • Trending Content
  • Videos

Taking each of these in turn, let’s start with Authority Content.

#1 Authority content

Authority content is a form of content that focuses on establishing your (or your brand’s) industry credentials.

(This reputation is often referred to as topical authority, which is the belief that you know what you’re talking about.)

Put some well-considered authority content out there if you want to push traffic, eyeballs, interest, and backlinks.

Google searches for it directly, making it one of the most effective ways to boost the SERPs.

#2 Ebooks

As of September 2020, ebooks accounted for 23% of all book sales worldwide. Statista estimates the global ebook market to be worth $19 to $23 billion, with growth anticipated.

However, when it comes to marketing material, they are rarely at the top of our list. Ebooks do not get nearly the recognition they merit.

Ebooks are convenient because they are much easier to create than traditional print books.

And, with a well-thought-out digital marketing plan, reaching a larger audience is becoming increasingly simple.

#3 Standout Opinion Pieces

You know what they say about someone having an opinion: everyone has one. Your role as an industry leader could be more powerful than you realize.

Think leaders can now easily share their ideas thanks to platforms like Medium and Huffington Post. Furthermore, publishing there allows you to take advantage of the domain’s reputation, putting your thoughts in front of a large audience.

It’s also an easy, high-quality backlink for your own website.

Consider writing an opinion piece if you have a unique perspective on a subject or current event. It’s a surefire way to build a reputation.

#4 How-To Content

Tutorials and how-to content are still the most common types of content.

What is the reason for this?

How-to content is an excellent way to encourage your readers to deepen their involvement with your brand.

Readers aren’t just learning about your brand when they consume such content. With your support, they’re resolving an issue or addressing a need on their own.

#5 Original Research Pieces

What could be better than authoritative, well-researched content?

Original research-based authority material.

Most of today’s content is based on previous work. In certain instances, the content is based on another piece of content.

It is, however, sometimes original study.

Original research, when performed correctly, is a force multiplier for interaction, leads, and backlinks. Interviews and original research pieces have consistently been my most popular material.

Since we extracted and synthesized the material ourselves, it is original and can’t be found anywhere else.

#6 Trending Content

Every content marketer’s dream is to go viral, but how to make content go viral is a mystery to many.

The term “virality” first appeared in the world of social media content, where only around 2% of videos reach this coveted status.

However, nowadays, any piece of content has the potential to go viral.

#7 Videos

In terms of viral videos, they will continue to be popular well into the twenty-first century. It’s by far the most common type of content available.

While the benefits of video content are well-known, they are worth repeating.

  • Leveraging visual and audio content;
  • Enhancing text and other copy;
  • The additional bonus of reusing the content for SEO reasons via transcripts;
  • Can be uploaded and shared to other social media platforms;
  • Invites engagement from your audience with regards to sharing the content

I hope this was useful, and thank you for having taken the time to read it.

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