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This website is a resource for Growth Hackers and SEO Pro’s living and working in Hong Kong.

I (Henry Dalziel) used to manage an agency called “Growth Hackers Hong Kong”, but as of the 12th April 2021 I’ve been happily employed at one of Hong Kong’s finest eCom companies.

Whilst we are no longer taking on clients, I sporadically post content on the blog.

Update: I am no longer taking clients

Who Is This Blog For?

This site used to be a digital marketing agency that was aimed at servicing clients in Hong Kong. The agency was started in 2019 and was originally set up to help clients with web design, digital marketing, growth hacking, and SEO services.

The intention of this marketing blog (today) is to help other marketers with facts and helpful advice regarding all aspects of SEO and digital marketing with the focus being on Hong Kong, because after all, that’s where I live!

From An Agency To A Blog

The site has now transitioned into a personal blog and the content we cover relates to:

  • Getting your site to the highest possible positions on Google
  • Getting you more leads
  • Find problems and fix your SEO
  • Help you with your digital marketing
  • Growth-hacks to get you leads

What Is SEO?

Said simply, “SEO” or “Search Engine Optimisation” is a technique to get your website to the highest possible position within the search engine rankings of Google and other major search engines.

This is mostly done by optimising the keywords that you’d like to rank (or “index”) for, and making sure that you stay at the top.

You have to think of SEO as a a “Signal Messaging System”. For example, having fresh and unique content would be considered as being a “positive signal” and one that acts as a “plus one”. Having an aged and trusted domain is positive, as is having other high-reputable websites link to you, etc. Google will rank content based upon its’ complex algorithm that is constructed of all of these signals.

Just as much as there are “positive SEO signals” there can also be “negative signals” at the same time.

Managing and implementing these signals is the work of an SEO Professional.

How Does SEO Work?

Google (and indeed all search engines) reward the results that they feel best reflect the user-intent and the search that matches the original searchers’ query.

SEO works by Google crawling websites to ascertain the “quality” of the content to determine where it believes the page should be indexed in the results – i.e., high up the rankings, or other.

Google (and indeed all search engines) can only index pages and content using “bots” that crawl sites to understand the structure and content of the sites that they are visiting – and that’s why it is vital that you build your site to be as helpful as possible to the “Google-Bots”.

SEO, ultimately, works by executing multiple strategies consistently and measuring the results on a regular basis.

Hong Kong Digital Marketing Consultant

I used to offer digital marketing consultancy services but I went full-time in early April 2021 to work as an organization’s inhouse-SEO lead.

Go ahead and it the “marketing agency listings” to see all the organizations (in Hong Kong) that will be able to help you with your digital marketing needs.